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after my first Taxol cocktail my 'nutritional' blood levels are messed up some low, potasium high. Might have something to do with getting sick, being on antibiotics and not feeling like eating much. My oncologists CNP recommends Ensure a couple times a day---but even when nearly frozen is smells awful to me (like lamb milk replacer if anyone knows what that is). Any suggestions to improve taste? Had second taxol yesterday and have to get blood tested again on Tuesday.
Thanks for any suggestions

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I've added fresh fruits like strawberry and kiwi and put in blender with ice. Like a smoothie. Taste better.

Annette 11
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Also adding vanilla extract may help.

Jean T. Szabo
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Found that Walgreens has a nutritional drink that has the same benefits, ingredients as the Ensure Brand but tastes better in chocolate.

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