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1st chemo today oxal and 5fu with Mag/Cal infusion before

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Things went good, I think...it was very busy in the room, to the point that there was a patients husband sitting in a folding chair directly in front of me. He had two freckles on the back of his right ear, if that gives you an indication of how crowded it was. That was uncomfortable to us, but I guess we'll get used to it. It's not a hotel, cam't request an upgrade to a better room... darnit. (o:

Jack could hear the nurses calling the other Onc office asking for the correct dosage of Cal/Mag mixture, made him uncomfortable...he gave me that look, that one that says "what the heck did you get me involved in here....." I hate that look.

One of the nurses was going on and on and ON about patients calling in with questions regarding side effects and how irritated it makes her that they call before using their home instruction sheet. Hmmmm, mental note made to hang up if she answers...

It was just a new experience...I don't know that we gave any thought to what it would be like...we'll get used to it...

Jack never felt any different during infusion, about 9 tonight he said he was feeling something, but couldn't explain to well, I asked him to take a nausea pill, but he refused it...I think he should take it, but he doesn't fall for the pill in a cheese ball like my puppy..

He did have the funny jaw feeling with his first bite of food, it was good to be able to tell him I had read about that here.

He said it felt funny to drink Milk...he let it sit out a bit, but it was still cool. Didn't hurt, just felt like his throat was numb.

I asked if he wanted to get something out of the freezer to see if that bothered him, he looked at me like I was crazy, then we both stated laughing...I explained I was just curious about the Cal/Mag. So sorry, I cannot report on that at this time. (o:

UPDATE- He started "cramping" in his stomach, he took the nausea pill. Hope it's not too late. )0:

Any tips or tricks (like how to muffle the telephone ring that the pump makes every 30 secs) are appreciated!

You're all in my prayers!

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I had the pump that whirs every few minute at first. After a few treatments, I was given a new pump that doesn't make any noise at all. It is the size of a baby bottle. Much easier to sleep with and very lightweight. I have kaiser and I was told this is the only pump they use now. It makes the 48 hours on the pump bearable.

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The crowded room thing sounds so familiar along with the lovely rude comments that you can overhear! Remember there are no stupid questions ( although the nurses will scold and say they already told you blah blah blah! ) I did not receive any instructions, info....nothing
at all with my first infusion! They were very busy that day and I kept getting passed from nurse to nurse. No instructions regarding the pump...it was not fun!

Make sure your hubby stays hydrated. I was very ill and didn't eat or drink for days ( I know it was dumb, but I was stubborn )

The cold thing is very weird....Trust me He will know if and when he has problems with it!

The pumps can vary so much....luckily mine usually were fairly quiet....just a pain to carry around ( I called mine Grace....) I hear men have a bit more trouble carrying the thing around as they aren't used to babysitting a large accessary!

Sometimes the day you get off the pump seems to be when you start feeling bad...I had more ill days as time went on and the Oxali builds up...

Peripheral Neuropathy is pretty normal with this treatment...It can be frustrating to suddenly have very little fine motor skills ( I couldn't get my bathroom doorknob to turn!! ) I took the doorknob off!

Wishing you and your hubby the best! Hang in there!!

Take Care. Barb

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It sounds like you are taking good care of Jack and watching for any side effects. Keep a written record so that you have it to refer to next time you are at the clinic. That way you won't forget something in all the activity going on during his next infusion. If you let them know, they can adjust or Rx things to help Jack with any problems that may come up.

I don't know about the pumps yet but, maybe if you tell them he got a noisey one they can change it out? I'm already a light sleeper,probably from years of having a sick child. Heck, my dog snoring or changing positions wakes me up. I hope I don't get a pump that makes noises!

It's good to hear that he got the cal/mag. I hope that works for him. I'm glad that Jack seems to be doing well with his first treatment. Best of luck to you both!

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Thanks you guys! Any bit of information or encouragement is appreciated!

Every so often when the pump "rings" he says "hello?".....I'm taking his humor as a good sign.


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I think it is good to use our sense of humour; it really helps us through this process. I have only had the "silent" pump; it is great. Thanks for letting us know how Jack is doing.

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I've now had 4 FOLFOX treatments, started on Sept. 9, get the pump for 48 hours, so I can relate to what your husband is going through.

I also had the weird pins and needles experience with cold objects or drinks. He should drink liquids at room temperature for the first few days after his chemo treatment.

I found it very helpful to make a chart (day 1, day 2, etc.) recording what meds. I took and what food I ate. This is because he likely will have some nausea or other issues along the way and this will give him a way to chart what's working and what's not. Personally, I had little nausea but a lot of constipation, bad enough to keep me up all night in my recliner in quite a bit of pain. Taking miralax--something the doc had not mentioned initially--is helping. Eating certain foods might help him feel better or worse; again, writing down what happens during his first couple rounds of chemo might really help the remaining rounds go much more smoothly.

Good luck!

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