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Dr. Oz and vaginal estrogen

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I saw Dr. Oz, on his show yesterday, talking with a gynecologist about the use of estrogen, in small amounts, used vaginally being safe, even for bc patients. According to Dr. Oz and the female gynecologist, this is because of the low absortion percentage. He spoke about how woman who have gone through treatment, often find their sex life desemated by the lack of hormones and that vaginal estrogen could be of great help to woman like myself. I'm going to discuss it with my onc. next month, but wondered if anyone here has tried it or has any thoughts on the subject.

I have been most upset by my loss of libido, my poor husband just can't get much anymore and I feel bad because I am just not interested. In fact, just being touched can really irritate me. I love my husband!! Thanks...alison

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I'm too chicken and so is my gyn. My younger sister has used a very small amount of vaginal estrogen for some time now and she had the same ER+ cancer. So far, so good with her. She uses it more for UTI issues though.

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I saw the show too and would love to try it, needless to say, the libido is fading fast.
My bc was 90% estrogen positive so I wouldn't dare.
Oh well, too bad. :(

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The cancer I had was TN, but my local oncologist still nixed the idea of Vagifem. However, my St. Louis onc. recommended it, as did my GYN. Both stated that the level of estrogen absorbed through Vagifem is not enough to be a risk. I have just gotten the prescription filled, though, so I have no experience as to how effective it will be. Am hoping for good results! Will tune in with an update when I have one.

Good luck, Alison, and all.

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Scotch Freckles
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How come guys get all the attention and consideraton when it comes to sex?

New Flower
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due to several problems. My oncologist absolutely against it. We are going to to additional research (literature) on these studies, including communications with doctors who are conducting SOFT clinical studies.

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