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Did my second chemo treatment and that's how I feel. I spent 8 hour hugging the toilet. And I still can't eat or drink anything. I feel just Yucky. I can't wait till next week so I can feel better..This Sucks..

C Dixon
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They should be able to give you something to keep this from happening.


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Sorry you feel so bad.....I was really sick with my first treatments. I ended up with a SANCUSO Patch that you put on your arm two days before Chemo and I also had EMEND Capsules that you take the day of the Chemo and for two days after. ( Unfortunately these drugs are very expensive. I was able to get them much cheaper through my mail in insurance. I paid extra for expedated mail, but they were worth it.)

Make sure that you are staying hydrated.....I became severely dehydrated and should have gone in for treatments.

The only thing I could drink was Sierra Mist with the bubbles shaken out ( flat ) and at room temp..Nothing cold!!! Mashed potatoes and a little turkey breast went down the best. I still can't do tomato sauces or spicy stuff! 5 or 6 little meals are best. Eat whatever sounds good to you. I ate a lot of "instant foods" like the tuna kits that come with crackers!

Don't try to cook or fix food.....

Make sure the doctors really understand how sick you are as I went too long without getting the meds. Don't be shocked if they say the meds shouldn't make you sick.....Well DUH!!

I also had to have the Chemo dosage scaled back as I was getting too sick and the peripheral neuropathy wasn't good! ( I couldn't get my bathroom door open....I fixed that by removing the doorknob! )

Sure hope you feel better soon.

Get some rest!

Take Care.....Barb

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a memory over with but far from forgotten...I stayed sick through the whole ordeal, most likely you are as I was, but there is always the 2nd week, thats when I ate everything in sight because I felt good, and I wanted to be ready for the next barrage of treatment. I did all I could for that one week and then got ready to know that the next week was just a week out of my life...Its ok to feel like crap, let yourself feel like crap, but just concentrate on the 2nd week and what all you are going to do during that hiatus, and enjoy it . Soon it will be 6 done and the countdown is a great feeling , trust us, its a great feeling as you tick them off ....Stay with us, we're right there with ya.....it will go quicker than you think....Love Hope and Emend, Clift

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I'm sorry you are feeling so yucky. Check with your onc to see if they can do something about the nausea. There are lots of anti-nausea drugs that can really help. I hope you are feeling better soon!

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Sorry you aren't feeling well. Like others have said, let your doctor know because they can give you something and remember what works for one, will not work for another. There is plenty of different options out there. Hope you feel better soon.


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To me days 5-6-7 after unplugged are the bad ones, after that much better.
Hope you feel good very soon.

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I have a lot of trouble with the nausea. I had a real hard time with FOLFOX and really only had a few good days every 14 day cycle. I found some things that helped.

This is only what worked for me. Your oncologist should work with you to tweak things to find what works for you.

Pre-meds of Aloxi and Decadron, plus Emend. THREE days of Emend pills at home. Normal protocol is only 2 days of Emend at home, but I had such severe troubles and a Pill on day #4 helped me a lot. We tried a pill on day #5, but although I still had nausea issues, it didn't help then. And by day #5 the nausea was more bearable. Along with these things, I still had to go in for IV fluids sometimes, which made me feel a lot better. If you have too much nausea to get enough fluids in, or too much vomiting, please consider going in for IV fluids. They can really help - and that can break the cycle of nausea and vomiting. I also found that once I was ready to sleep, taking an Ativan helped too.

Others are helped by Compazine (I am allergic). Some really like Zofran, and it does help me some, but it gives me an awful headache.

When you say 8 hours and you can't eat or drink anything, that worries me. You HAVE to drink. And if you can't, you HAVE to get IV fluids. This can be dangerous if you do not.

Please call your doctor. They can have you come in for IV fluids and can also give you an anti-emetic like Kytril or Aloxi via IV.

Suggestions for food or drink during the toughest times:
(Many of these are things I would NEVER have normally, but worked on FOLFOX)
warm apple cider
room temp orange soda
cream of wheat (counts as liquid)
hot cocoa
Tahitian Treat
room temp Hawaiian Punch
mashed potatoes (with cheese added sometimes)
Gatorade or Powerade - try different flavors
Isagenix shakes (chocolate flavor with a banana added goes down easiest for me)
banana cream pie
potato soup

farther into the cycle:
tomato soup
herbal tea
peanut butter and jelly sandwich
clam chowder or some other soups

Sometimes something would not sound good at all, but if someone else made it and gave it to me and I tried a bite, then I could eat it. Sometimes you just have to push yourself to try one bite first. It can make all the difference in the world having someone else get the food for you. If you have to face the sights and smells of the kitchen that can overwhelm you to the point that you can't eat or drink anything you get for yourself. So please try to get someone to help bring these things to you.

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Brand name here is primperan and you can have it daily before meals! nom problem with it and helps a lot !

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Nana b
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I took my nausea medicine before chemo. I am trying to remember what worked for me, it was a three day process. And expensive under my insurance!! I will try to remember the name.

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Nana - that would be Emend. It is my miracle drug!

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I never had issues with vommiting until my last 3 or 4 treatments. I have been sick once at night after each of those. I talked to my doctor yesterday + she wants me to take a double dose of my sleeping pill on treatment nights. I will try it for the 1st time tomorrow. I would talk to your onc; you shouldn't be sick for 8 hr.

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I'm so sorry! I hope you feel so much better soon!


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