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Another side affect of chemo or WBR?

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luz del lago
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I began to notice an odd, if you can call it that, occurance about mid-way through my hubby's chemo, which has continued, and maybe even become more pronounced since. At the time of going to sleep, he jerks and twitches, arms and legs. He will raise an arm up and appear to be pointing. He also "rubs" with his finger tips at the covers or even my arm or leg if he is holding me. At first, he said that he was not aware of doing this, but he is now aware and can be woken up by the movements. I've asked him if he remembers dreaming about anything, he has never been one to remember dreams, but thought maybe that was what was happening. As i mentioned, this has become more pronounced after WBR, also.
Have mentioned this to the Oncologist and the Rad/Onc, but they seem not to make anything of it.
Will be checking to see if anyone has a similar experience to share. Thank you my dear friends, shoulders to cry on, and encouragement, for all your words of wisdom.

God bless,

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I also have the leg twitching and sometimes the arm twitching

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