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Some advice: EEEEEEEE-pics!

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Reading some of the threads got me to thinking... How many of you have actually SEEN the inside of your throat/larynx through the scope? Does your doctor let you look? Does your doctor have a scope that projects on a monitor or screen? Does your doctor have equipment that allows him/her to capture a digital image like a Glidescope?

There are several different types of laryngoscopes but modern ones can be digital video laryngoscopes. My ENT works out of three offices. In one office he has a Glidescope, in the other he has a video laryngoscope with a monitor and in the one closest to my home, he only has a regular, handheld, laryngoscope. I always drive to the further offices for visits.

Why do I think it so important? Because without photographic records, it's tough to compare one visit to the next. You're only going by memory. I have digital pictures of my throat going back to around 2002. In the office with the monitor, I simply take my digital camera and snap a couple of pics of the screen. I think it's important to always insist on a video laryngoscope so that you can have that record. Especially if a mass is found. From one visit to the next you can actually measure it to see if it has grown or shrunk.

IMHO - Don't let the docs go cheap on you with just a handheld that you can't see your own body and you have no record of the visit other than written notes.

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Good idea, what are they comparing on scope to the next if they don’t have a picture showing how it looked the last time. I have copies of all my PET scans and review them against any new ones. Did not think about doing the same for scoping

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My scopes are displayed on video right there for my wife and I to enjoy. I have never considered getting stills. I figure if he needs me to interpret the images then I am going to the wrong Doctor but props to you for getting so hands on.
When I look at the screen I see an alien world where every bump and node is a possible cancerous tumor!

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My RO when he scoped there was no screen. At my ENT there is a monitor but it's behind my head and my dad and or step mom gets to see it. I hate that stupid scope. I'm a gagger. Actually, if I could view the monitor, I would probably do better because I love to watch stuff like that.

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My oncologist has a Monitor & if he is concentrating a tad too long on a spot I tend to take a peek! Then he tell's me not to worry lol! But at least I can see what is going on & not feel left out of the loop.

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