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I have made my treatment decision after a lot of prayer and sole searching. I will have the Da Vinci robot surgry the week after Thanksgiving here in northern Virginia. I read many of the posts here and it seemed to me that going wtih what my doctor reccommended is best and he has done over 100 of these operations. My pastor also had it and it worked well for him to.

I am worried about ED and not being able to be dry but I am a young (61) and in pretty good shape so I think it will work ok.


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    Do you have an option for surgeons?
    Hi Robert - I know what you are going through making a decision on not only the treatment method but also the surgeon. I have not read any of your other posts so you may have addressed these already:

    Why did you choose surgery over other options? In my case, I had an enlarged prostrate which was causing problems and would continue to be an issue under radiation. Once you decide - best to stay with it. I was driving myself nuts even the day prior to my operation on "did I make the right decision"? As it turned out, I did as my surgeon found 2 hernias that had to be repaired and would have presented issues even with radiation. I am not sure surgery for hernias is viable under radiation treatment - never researched it. Also, I wanted a back-up plan in case the disease reappeared down the road. Radiation is a one way street, surgery first allows raditation as a back-up plan.

    How did you choose your surgeon? Do you have options in your area? 100 surgeries is very early on the learning curve. Some say 500 is required before they are well on the curve. My surgeon has over 960 and is considered one of the top in the country. He also has had the proceedure himself. I contacted a number of surgeons and asked questions regarding the number of operations, how many per year, how many with conditions similar to mine.

    Everything I have read is that regardless of your treatment method choice - get the best person you can for the treatment. I would be concerned about a surgeon that has only 100 procedures under his belt.
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    treatment decision
    I chose the davinci as well and don't regret it but I too am concerned with someone who has only 100 surgeries under their belt. My surgeon had approx 650 surgeries and is currently training the other doctors in his practice(some with 40 yrs experience with laproscopic surgery) Everyone is different but don't assume that you will come out dry right away as it can take over 3 months in some cases. As far as ed goes I am still waiting for my incontinence to subside before I address the ed issue. I had the davinci on sept 16th and feeling better every day but it is a long road back. Congrats on your decision as it can be daunting to choose.