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Thinking of Paula G and John

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Just wanted to send out love and good thoughts to Paula and John. Paula hasn't been able to post much here lately but I wanted them both to know I am thinking of them and I'm sure there are more folks here who are too.

Love to all

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I have also been thinking about you, Paula + John + I am sending warm thoughts your way.

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Paula if you see this please know we are thinking of you and JR. I know from your pm that JR says "no more" and that has you pretty scared but your semi-colon family and caregivers are here for you any time you need to vent or need some comforting words or advise. I still hope that JR changes his mind but like I told you, ultimately, it is his decision to make.

Take care my friend - Tina

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Thanks Leslie for starting this thread. I too have been thinking of Paula and her hubby.

Prayers for them both

Marie who loves kitties

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...for this post - it is very tough decisions and I also hope for the best and wish them some peace.

Paula: You and JR continue to be on everyone's mind and we are thinking of you.


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@Paula: I know this subject line above sounds stupid...as it is very VERY hard...but I just hope there's not too much suffering involved...just a quick departure...I'm thinking of you both...please come back even if you feel like you can only "whine"...I do that ALL THE TIME! These people on this board are our semi-family...they are not only here to joke around, or give advice to each other, or newcomers, but also to give advice when you're down, and sometimes simply just to listen...just to be there...I know it sounds ridiculous over the internet, but really...it works...you really can sense them caring!
Hugs to you both!

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Yes, have been thinking of them also. Hoping that they are doing well and would come and post and let us know how they are doing. They are in my prayers daily. Thanks for this post. We need to keep up on the people that seem to just drop off. Hope you are doing well. Haven't heard how your situation is lately unless I'm missing some posts. Hoping for the best for you also.


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Add me to the list of those who care and pray and hope for the best.


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Paula and JR,
You are in my thoughts too. I am holding you in the light at this time.


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You are in my thoughts. Best wishes to you. - Lucy

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I really never post.... But, I've come to absolutely love Paula & John and must jump in on this! We live in the same area & talk on the phone often.

Paula, if you read this - please know that I'm thinking about You & John and hope things are calm & peaceful for you both. If I can do anything - please call.

For everyone else.... all you "semi's" and caregivers.... You guys are such a kind, loving & caring group! I wish you all well.

Take care, Kathy

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My sincere love to you both! I hope you can feel us with you.

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Paula G.
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Thanks guys. You have been here for us and I can only say thanks. John isn't feeling very good right now. We have called hospice and they have been out. John is up and around still but not eating much at all. Thanks for the kind posts. Leslie sorry don't live closer. Kathy thanks for your call today. My love to all of you, you are in my heart, Paula

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Have my prayers and good vibes from here, let's give a chance to hope.
Hugs to both two.

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your input has always been appreciated and have missed it. Pat

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