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How's everyone doing?

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Good Morning from chilly central NY. Was just wondering how everyone is doing these days.

I finally got my approval for disability retirement from work and tomorrow is my "official" retirement date. It took several months but it means I get my pension and retiree health insurance rate (opposed to Cobra).

Had pneumonia about 3 weeks ago,no hospitalization this time. Still wheezy and phlegmy early mornings.

Rad doctor took me off the med the heart dr prescribed as it made my blood pressure too low. I still get the dizziness/vertigo but not like before.

Still waiting for my hair to come back!

Hope everyone is doing well.

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Glenna M
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Good Morning Kelli from cooold NH :) Happy to hear that you are doing better and your disability was approved. Happy 1st day of retirement!!!

I'm one year post treatment for lung and laryngeal cancer and still in remission. Still hanging in there and enjoying life.

Stay well,

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