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Peeling skin

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Hi all, I'm probably bugging y'all because I ask so many questions! I was wondering, my neck is peeling a lot now and is there some kind of scrub I should use to exfoliate it, or should I just leave it alone? Maybe it's not safe to peel it though? I'm not sure, what did y'all do?

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Hi Kristyn,
I would not recommend using a scrub on your neck. That seems like it would just add to your problems. I might try using a lot of pure aloe vera on the peeling area. I have also used pure cocoa butter, but the aloe has healing properties in it. I am sure that others will have more suggestions for you. Hang in there , your almost done.
Peaceful healing

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My dad used aloe on his neck. He said it made it feel really good. The rad doctor told him to put in the refrigerator to make it feel even better. When it was itching he used hydrocrotazone cream on it.


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Kristyn -

My nurse gave me a few tubes of Aquaphor and some rolls of gauze (both of which you can also get at pharmacy). She said to smear on the Aquaphor and wrap my neck in gauze to keep it moist so it won't dry out, crack, and bleed. I'd just let it peel naturally, don't pick or scrub.

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I can highly recommend Biafine ointment, a prescription cream you put on your neck after treatment. (Not before, or it will act like barbecue sauce.)
I have a very fair complexion that befits my Scottish heritage, and by the end of rads I didn't have any pain, just a red neck ... which is OK, 'cause I'm a redneck anyway.
Ask your doc about it. It's good stuff.
And don't worry about asking questions. Why do you think people hang out here long after we're out of treatment and the side effects have mostly faded? We want to help. One day soon, you will, too.

--Jim in Delaware

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Thank you so much Jim, you're so sweet! Wednesday is my last treatment, I will definitely ask for that rx!! My neck didn't turn red, it's nearly black! I'm pretty fair skinned myself so it looks so bizarre! But where it's peeling looks really pink, it's a sight for sure!

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My last Radiation is Wednesday and I just finished my last of 3 Cisplatins yestarday. My neck is peeling really bad too. I use the Aquaphor as often as possible. Do NOT pull on any of the peeling skin. I did and pulled some down way to deep.

How are your side effects??

I feel like just about anything that could have hit me,has in the last 10 days. Doc's say it may be 4 weeks post before I feel better.




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I believe that Aloe is the best I have a plant growing out side and still use it now and then

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I tired most of the lotions, creams, aloes, aquaphor, all of that... It either made my neck feel greasy, or worse than before.

the only think that worked well for me pretty much the entire time was just warm showers and that would moisten up any dry skin.

Like yours sounds, I didn't have any sever peeling, more like a bad sunburn that turned the skin darker and peeled off over time.

You can't see anything as for residual.


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I used eucerin lotion. The "black skin" fell off with just soap and a washrag. The skin underneath was healthy. I was lucky I really didn't burn with the radiation.

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I will be thinking of you both on Wednesday!

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Last day...way to go........hope you have an awesome day.

Thinking of you,

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We used domeboro soaks that help take the dead skin off. After treatment my wife used aquaphor and then wrapped my neck with saran wrap. It really help put the moisture back in my neck.
Wishes & Prayers on your treatment

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