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Funny Happens

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So I saw my Oncologist this morning for one of my six week follow up exams.
I am 6 months out of a left neck dissection and tonsillectomy. I have SCC Unknown Primary and have had surgery only.
I was in for a scoping today and all that other fun stuff. He felt something concerning down my throat and was putting the scope down there for a closer look.
Speaking to his assistant, my Oncologist meant to say - Please hold the scope while I put my finger in his mouth. What he actually said was - Please hold the scope while I put my tongue in his mouth. Hilarity ensued.
Despite tubes in my nose and hands down my throat and a possible tumor growth I laughed so hard that he had to stop his exam briefly. In what was a very serious and even somber examination, funny happened and was proof to me that joyous, funny moments can happen at anytime and in anyplace.
Further exam showed this area of concern to be more than likely scar tissue. Otherwise all looked good...I guess we call that NED.
I'm one of the only Unknown Primary cases where radiation has not been used in this center and with every exam it becomes more and more clear that a real miracle happened here.

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That is one funny story. Tell him to buy you dinner next time before trying anything like that. So glad you didn't have to have rads, that seems to be the problem for most of us.
By the way, what do you mean by NED??
Hope you continue to enjoy the miracle !!
All the best,

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Oh my gosh, that cracked me up so hard!! I'm glad y'all could have a good laugh during such a drag of an aptmnt! I hVe unknown primary and I WISH they wouldn't have recommended rads! I'm so happy for you!

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Thanks for the laugh. That's pretty daggone funny, that is.

--Jim in Delaware

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I just wanted to say thanks for making me smile. Today has been a hard day for me. Major melt down... So, being able to smile tells me I am on my way out of the dark hole i fell into this morning. Thanks...

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Don't know if I laughed as hard as you but that cracked me up.

NED is something we all wait anxiously to hear - No Evidence of Disease.


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That's really funny! (was it Dr. Miller?)

Glad to hear the NED news.

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Very funny! Guess it was a slip of the tongue. So to speak. ;-)

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Laughter is a very great healer we all need a lot more of it in our life’s, glad to the NED report, all the best to you my friend

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I'm so glad some of you were able to get a chuckle out of this too. Actually it was Dr. Van der Sloot and it was great seeing him trying to hold it together and then just losing it.

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Hmmm is he French, LOL....just teasing..

I would have choked for sure, he would have had to jerk all of that stuff out of my throat, because I know I couldn't have missed an opportunity like that to come back with something.


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Thanks for the laugh !!

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Thank you so much for the morning laugh!

When I saw my Radiation Oncologist for the first time, he scoped me. Now due to a chronic cough I've had for many years, I've been scope maybe 25 times in my life. I've gotten so used to it, that I can usually "drive" the scope myself.

So the Radiation Oncologist explains the procedure and gingerly puts in the scope. "Are you OK? This doesn't hurt at all?" "Nah, I'm good, but keep going, you're not down far enough." "Wow," responds, "I've never seen anyone take it down their throat as easily as you." "Hey doc, if you're going to talk to me like that, at least by me dinner first."

It took us about 5 minutes to stop laughing.

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That's great news Joel; your one of the lucky ones!!! :)


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Thank's for the morning laugh! That was a good one lol!

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