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Thankyou Craig and Don for your outstanding work. Magazine

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Has arrived to Barcelona. I'll take it with me to my surgeon next week!
You are great guys!

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Hey, it made it there pretty quick - I'm surprised, at least we know the mail runs in both countries, LOL:)

Glad you liked it and take care. Don did a tremendous job in helping me with this and made it possible for me to mail this out quickly - that and the donations our community made for shipping and postage...made it go smoothly.

Take care - Craig

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Craig did all the hard work. He had to have surgery to get in the magazine. Me I just helped by doing labels and collected some money that was so graciously contributed by our great family. I'm happy you got the magazine so quickly, it really is a great magzine article on Craig.


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Of course, I have to show it to anyone who shows up at my door. :)


Craig and Don... Thanks so much!! Thanks as well to those who donated! You're generosity is so thoughtful. :)

Love and Hugs,


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