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Worth a second opinion?

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I am a cervical cancer survivor (26 months post treatment for IVA) and am wondering...is it time for a 2nd opinion? I recently had a pelvic MRI due to new abd. developments, which I had to request a transcript as my docs never contact me with results. The report reads..."there appears to be a fibroid in the posterior body of the uterus causing extrinsic compression of the endometrial cavity. This was previously noted and has not significantly changed." This has never been reported in any of my scans, new news to me. And I am six years postmenopausal on top of internal/external rads...fibroids are estrogen/progesterone related. A bit confused with this. Shouldn't any fibroids have shriveled up by now?
Then...There is "some suspectibility artifact from a tiny metallic foci which was present on 2/18/10." First time this has been in a report...I'm not liking these surprises.
It gets better yet..."There is a right ovarian cyst close to the pelvic sidewall measuring approx. 2 cm. This was present previously and has not changed." More 'new' great news.
I have copies of all the transcripts of all my scans since the beginning of this whole journey and not once has any of this been printed in the reports.
It's the same hospital and the same radiologists that are writing these reports and...one says I have a stump left from surgery. The next one reads I'm all intact. The next one reads cancer surgically removed. The next one reads everything is there...and so on.
The docs never call me with the reports and when I confront them they say everything is normal. None of this sounds 'normal' and I am angry and confused at this time.
Cervical dysplasia appeared again in March and the gyn says, "We'll wait and watch...f/u every six months as scheduled."
Do I have the right to feel angry? Doesn't it sound like it's time for a second opinion?
Thanks for listening...I needed to vent.

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Congratulations on being a survivor! And I can relate to the 'as previously noted' comments. I've gotten that several times in my last 11 years of my journey. It is frustrating to see that when you've been told everything is 'ok'. But I always get copies of my reports and read them thoroughly, then discuss with my doctor. I bring up everything that appears of concern to me, and he will explain it all. I'm fortunate, in that I have a wonderful doctor. It's when those radiologists read the CT's and all that I start to lose a little confidence. My doctor has actually gone over to the hospital to read the scans himself for clarification when he's in doubt.

I would seek out a gynecologic/oncologist who is much more in tune to pelvic cancers and can be very thorough. It never hurts to have a second opinion. Yes, it's your life - you have a right.

I wish you well and hope to hear from you again once you've gotten this all cleared up. Sending lots of prayers and hugs till then!


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I think I would take those reports, seek a second opinion with a gyn/onc. I agree, something sounds a bit fishy, although I am not familiar with cervical cancer and what they take out when surgery is done.

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Thanks for the reply ladies. I did not have surgery...they went in to do a radical hyster. and found the mets. Grabbed a bunch of lymph nodes and got out. Just frustrated that the same radiologist is reading my scans and one time I have no guts, the next I do, the next I don't...maybe he's bipolar!!
Think I'll follow my gut and get a second opinion. Sudden appearance of a uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst that have never been mentioned...yep, time for someone else to take a look!

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Find the best Gyn/Onc to do it...what part of the country do you live in? If you let the ladies on the board know, I bet there will be some suggestions..

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I live in upstate NY. I was sent to Roswell in Buffalo during tx for my internal rads. Walked out very frustrated...will never go back. I've contacted Cancer Tx Centers of America; should be talking with someone from there later today.

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I live upstate NY too. You must live further up as Buffalo is WAY far from me. 6hrs, I think. Have you looked into MSKCC. It is the 2nd rated cancer center in the nation. I believe MDAnderson is number 1.

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I live in Upstate NY, also. I sorry that you're feeling so frustrated and think that you need to keep looking until you find a Dr. and facility that can answer your questions. I've mentioned this here before, but my GP told me that he sees patients with serious illnesses often and the ones that do the best are those who learn all they can about their condition and advocate for themselves like it's a full time job.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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thank you for all your support. I believe I had already made the decision to seek out another opinion...it's just nice to have backup. Called Ca Tx Ctr of America last night...expecting a f/u call tonight.

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Hi Becky if you need the name of a good gyn/onc in Buffalo my Dr is Dr Trudy Baker she is very good

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