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I find myself going to the other Discussion Boards; reading the posts and wishing I was commenting under the Head and Neck discussions instead of Grief and Bereavement. It seems I'm always looking backwards and reliving the events of the past year. Maybe because the future is unbearable right now???

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I know what your'e talking about too. I sometimes am tempted to go to the colon cancer discussion because that is where I was posting just 2.5 months ago but it would make me feel sad to read about Avastin, 5FU, Oaxyplatin etc. All familiar scenarios that all of a sudden are no longer a part of my life yet as sick as they made my wife, nevertheless eventually seemed "Normal" and what I am experiencing now (Single after 35 years) does NOT seem normal at all. It feels alien and harsh.

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I have to admit that I look at the brain tumor cancer board regularly, and I am not really sure why. I'm not sure what is worse, where we were the past year or where we are now. When a love one has cancer, it consumes so much of us...temodar, radiation, avastin were terms that we used routinely. Now they no longer apply to us. We are now on a different chapter...not a good one just different.

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Tina Blondek
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Hello fellow caregivers
I go to both discussion boards frequently. I find comfort in being able to help others with their cancer journey. I can help them from my experience. I go to the esophageal board, the caregivers board, the grief and berevement, and the surviving caregivers. Try this out, you may just find it just as rewarding as I.
Tina in Va

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