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sharp shooting pains

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I have 6 more Rad. treatments to go and can't wait. One of the on going side affects is sharp shooting pains mostly near the incision area. It feels like an electrical zap. Has anyone experienced this and when does it end?????????

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I had similar pains, but I had double mastectomy, expanders, and chemo before radiation, so I don't know which might have been the cause for me. After radiation I had more chemo and reconstruction. The sharp pains continued intermittently. After the reconstruction was complete they faded away gradually, so I guess mine were caused more by surgery, but I don't know. Drs. said any of it could have caused the sensations. I would expect that yours will get better after radiation, but definitely talk to your Dr. about it.


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I have pains like that on the incision area at times and your right it does feel like an electrical zap. Makes me jump a little sometimes. I bilat. mast june 09, then 6 months of chemo had tram-flap recon 9 months ago and still feel it on occasion. Intersting..hugs..alison

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I had a lumpectomy back in March and radiation ending in May. I also had those pains, so don't be alarmed, It's the nerves coming back to life I guess. It is a slow process. Now I'm painfree for the most part. An occasional twinge. The stiffness is also gone now.

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Thank you. For I wish I had found this support months ago. My next big step is when my treatments end. How is life after that day?????????? I'm happy and anxious at the same time.

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I am scheduled for my first checkup after having 3 mos. " off ". I really wish I could be calm about it, but I hate the thought of going back to that cancer center again. By the same token I'm scared not to have more checkups. I finished rads in late June after 4 chemo treatments of T/C. I don't have my first post treatment mammo until early Jan. and already anxious about that. So, enjoy your end of treatments and I hope you do well. From what I've read on this site, it is normal to be a little apprehensive after treatment. Best Wishes.

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Just finished my rads treatments on Friday and I also have had the sharp shooting pains right around the incision sight. Although I am still experiencing them, they seem to becoming less and less severe.

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I didn't have sharp shooting pains, but, it did feel like my nerve endings were coming alive again sometimes from the lumpectomy. I think it will get better for you, mind went away with just a little time. It is just part of the healing process I think.

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I had lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy in May, rads in June. I still have times where my incisions are sore, feeling bruised. Every so often I do still get a sharp 'zap' feeling. It can stop me in my tracks for a second, then it's gone. I've also noticed that if I wear the wrong bra and the wire gets any where near my biopsy site, I get very sore. The newest quirk I've discovered is that if I'm feeling anxious and worked up, and my heart is beating fast or heavy, my incision site feels sore. The weather is changing here, so it's cool and damp most of the time. My incisions plus my left arm ache a lot.

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Hang in there...treatment ends and you just take it day by day...I too had the problem with sharp pains, although I was a bi-lateral mastectomy/chemo as well..no radiation...honestly, it still may be the same issue...damage/stress to the nerves...no matter what the cause. It made me jump too...out of the blue...but it eased and ended for me, over time...so like I said, hang in there!! Renay

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My doctor told me the sharp shooting pains were the nerves repairing themselves. I had them after the lumpectomy in May of last year and they continued through chemo and rads. I sometimes still feel them, but I also had a biopsy in May of this year. I hope you don't have to experience them for too long, but I have no idea when they are supposed to end.

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Interesting, I was just searching for the possible reasons for sharp shooting pain at the site of my right mastectomy. The tube was pulled early due to a nurses incompetence as I was admitted to the hospital with a serious infection. We were told I was septic. The Jackson-pratt drain was cut by the nurse 1 week after surgery & I was still pulling over 120cc a day on the drain. this was done on Dec7th of last year. I have been noticing lately I get such sharp shooting pain like someone takes a knife and twists it coming in from the side. It get quite painful to a point I would like to be able to knock myself out to stop the pain. I have also noticed my shoulder feels like it needs to pop like its kinda out of joint. I was just diagnosed June 2nd last year. I have no idea how long this pain can last, but I would like to know. I just wanted you to know your not alone.

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sorry you are going through it...I HOPE It gets better...

I am sure you mentioned it to them at treatment center...what was their reply?

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Wow! I thought I was the only one! I actually jump too. I had a lumpectomy about 2 months ago and am in my second week of rads. It comes at all times. It feels like it's deep w/i the breast. Glad to know I am "normal" too. This is a long road we are on. Never thought I would be walking it but it's easier since I found this site!!


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