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Radiant heat vs forced air

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We're moving from Texas where it is very hot and humid to the Pacific Northwest where it is cooler and rains alot. I have found that since I have lost some of my saliva glands due to cancer surgery, blowing air, like ceiling fans and forced air/heat vents really bother my throat making it dryer than it already is. Does anyone have radiant heat, and is it better? Or any ideas on the subject would be helpful. Thanks.

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And you will love it. Moisture all the time. I wish I could afford it to put it in my current house now. If you can find a house with it go for it. But maybe with the constant moisture you might not need it. I live south of Chicago where the winters are pretty dry and the moisture is needed
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I have found forced air with humidifier added is far better than radiant heat. I have forced air in house and when I worked construction my job trailer had radiant heat and was not any better except my nose would get much drier as I tend to breath thru nose more than mouth now after treatment. It helps keep the mouth more moist.
I also found after many years I do not like it when it rains or has heavy dew. Makes me feel clogged up.

I live in south central Illinois and do not like the wet spring and fall times of the year, i blow and hack up alot of phloem.


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You might want to try using mouth sprays to help, I use Stoppers 4 that I get at www.drougstore.com it works very well for me

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We have forced air and I have to keep the heat higher than I want to because I live with my 86 yr old gram who is freezing in august. I couldn't breathe when I get hot before I had treatment and now it's even worse. I left the window in my room open all last winter. I have the register shut, because it's right by my head, but it still bothers me. I need to get on the ball and rearrange my room so I can put the humidifier next to my bed. I am really hoping this works as this tickle and cough I have developed is driving me mad.

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Yes I have moved the furniture also, It did help. The blowing air seems to be my biggest enemy at the time.

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