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No hearing aids for me

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Well I tried the hearing aids and it felt like someone was ringing little bells behind my ears. Have decided after only one day I kinda like my ever so slightly muffled world. Oh yeah didn't mention the $7500 they wanted for the two little things that are smaller than my earrings. No thank you. I'm not that deaf xxxx. Love and prayers to you all

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Glenna M
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So sorry that the hearing aids didn't work out for you but very happy to see that you still have such a great attitude about not wearing them and just dealing with things the way they are.

The cost of hearing aids is unbelievable!!! You would think by now they could find a way to reduce the price so the average person could afford them. There are too many people who really need them but can't get them just because of the cost.

Love and prayers to you also and everyone on this site.

Stay well,

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