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Post menopausal D and C, no bleeding

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I'm 57 years old, been through menopause naturally, but have had abnormal paps for the last two years. Since then have had 2 endometrial biopsys, 2 coposcopies, and one sonogram. All have shown nothing. Now my doctor wants to do a D and C. I have no symptoms of any sort, no bleeding, no pain, nothing. So I wonder what the doctor expects to find with a D and C. I really don't want to have it done, and yet I'm concerned about the consequences of not having it done. Does anyone have any thoughts about this. I'm in a quandry and really don't know what to do. I have insurance from work, but the procedure will still cost more than I can afford out of pocket. At this point, I just don't know what to do.

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Hi: I was diagnosed in November 2009 with endometrial cancer. If I did not do a d&C they would not have found the cancer. I did spot, but they thought it was because of fibroids. My advice to you is "go ahead and do D&C, even if you have to pay out of pocket" There are some survivors on this board that had absolutely no signs but ended up with cancer. I feel that you would even feel better with negative results even if it costs you. Better to be safe than sorry. Remember my friend, early detection is life. Let us know how you are doing.

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I also had absolutely no symptoms, and believed I was in perfect health, (post menopausal with no bleeding at all or any other reason to be concerned). At 56, I had my routine annual PAP test come up as 'highly suspicious'. That was followed by a series of 'inconclusive' biopsies and sonogram. My D&C pathology was the first confirmation that I was dealing with cancer. Please get the D&C. Then if it's negative you can feel at ease. With biopsies they are just testing the little bits of tissue that they cut out, such small samples that they can miss the cancerous area completely. With a D&C, they get a substantial tissue sample that allows for a more reliable diagnosis. It's probably not cancer, but why not put the question to rest with a definite answer? Money well spent, however the diagnosis turns out. (((Hugs)))

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I felt fine and healthy at the time of my annual exam. The previous year my PAP screening result was normal, as it had been for many years. Following my abnormal PAP I had a D&C almost a month later. It showed endometrioid adenocarcinoma FIGO grade 1. Following my total abdominal hysterectomy I was diagnosed with endometrioid adenocarcinoma FIGO grade 2 and staged at 1b. Two weeks later a review of my hysterectomy slides added the finding of additional cancer cells of UPSC (uterine papillary serous carcinoma) FIGO grade 3 and staged at 1a.

I would hate to have decided against having the recommended D&C and the subsequently recommended radical hysterectomy.

I must admit that I received the report of the abnormal PAP on a Friday. By the following day I was wishing I could have a complete hysterectomy Monday morning! Instead almost 2 months passed before my surgery.

Good luck with your difficult decision.


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i can't tell you how many ultrasounds, biopsies, scans, etc. i had --all of which showed nothing or were inconclusive, though i did have some very mild bleeding post menopause. i was told by everyone it was nothing. i insisted on a ca 125 and finally, 3 months later was given a d and c (don't let them give you a general for this, as they tried to do with me, i fought it and won). that's when cancer was discovered, fairly advanced, though i did have other symptoms by then. please do get that d and c, just to be on the safe side. won't your insurance from work pay for this routine, preventative procedure? otherwise, beg, borrow and steal to get enough to pay out of pocket.


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You can never be too cautious with this disease!! I had some vaginal spotting...nothing much but it was not normal. Luckily my OB wasn't sure what it was when had my routine exam. He put me thru a vaginal ultrasound which showed some thickening of the uterine wall. Then he suggested a D&C to scrape the walls...bingo they found what they thought was fibroid tumors. Pathology came back with cancer diagnosis...and so the story goes.

I'd go with D&C, even if having to pay out of pocket. Most all the facilities and docs will work with you on payment, so ask. Worth it to be safe vs. sorry...don't you think?

Best to you,

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Thank you all for your input, it has helped me greatly. I appreciate that you all took the
time to advise me. I will contact my doctor this week and set up the d and c. Pray for me. Thank you all.

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Especially if you have been having abnormal PAPs. I had no symptoms at all. Had normal PAPS all the time, until I had an abnormal one. Then I had the colposcopy. It was highly suggestive a adenocarcinoma. Ended up having robotic hysterectomy and diagnosed with UPSC Stage III-C. Was not prepared for that diagnosis at all, as I thought I was very healthy. So even though you are not having any bleeding, you could still have something bad going on inside. It would give you peace of mind it it comes back normal. Good luck and let us know what you find out. In peace and caring.

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Thank you all for your input, it has helped me greatly. I appreciate that you all took the
time to advise me. I will contact my doctor this week and set up the d and c. Pray for me. Thank you all.

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