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Eeeeeee Good first post-treatment scoping!

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I went to see my ENT yesterday. Luckily, like turning on a light switch, right at exactly the 2-week mark (2 weeks ago Thursday was my last rad treatment), I woke up feeling a bit better and bale to talk. The doc said that two weeks post treatment might feel worse than it was during and man was he right! By yesterday wasn't all that bad. I was able to cut back the pain meds by half and I even had a voice!

I was fearful that the scope would be painful for the first time or couldn't be done, but nope. Went down smooth as pudding. "No cysts, tumors, lesions or masses," the doc said. "No scaring, radiation burns or tissue damage. There's a lot of inflammation, but that's to be expected. I would say it looks better than average." YAY!

So the big test for me is the PET/CT on Dec 2nd to confirm I am CANCER-FREE and then it's a scoping every 3 months for the first year and an annual PET/CT. Just monitoring. But at least I've cleared the first hurdle in good shape.

May you all also get good news with your next appointments!!!

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Cancer Free Yea!!!!!

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Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing!

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Doug, glad to hear the scopping whent well, I have an MRI scheduled on the Dec 2nd so we will both be under the machine on that day.

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Man, all the reports of things turning out well really brighten my outlook.


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Glenna M
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Happy to hear that your first scope was successful and all is well.

Keep up the good work,

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Glad to hear the good news!


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Great news Dougarooni!

May your first PET be great news too!



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Thanks for the good news, it helps us all with continuing positive thoughts.

Best regards,

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This is fantastic news! It is always nice to hear a good report. There seem to be many of us coming up for scans in November and December. As you said, may they all be good!


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Congratulation's on your wonderfull new's!

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I am Eeeelated to hear your good report. I was at my Radiation Oncologist yesterday and had to hit the Eeeeee note as well.

My Best to You and Eeeeeveryone Here

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Sounds a little like Lake Woebegone, where all the children are above average.
Seriously, that's good news.

--Jim in Delaware

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Good one Doug. Glad you got over the hump.


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Excellent stuff Doug, stay strong and keep it going til the next test in December. Cheers


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