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Neuro Endocrine Cancer of Pancreas

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I have recently been diagnosed with Neuro-Endocrine Cancer of the Pancreas.

I have been prescribed Nuclear radiation therapy - Lutetium Dotate Therapy - but am yet to decide what to do.
Has anyone been through this - I would like to share and chat.


mr steve
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Wife has Surgery and chemo for it but no nuc treatments for it. Where are getting treatment at?

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My son has MEN1. They found 7 pancreatic lesions. I am looking for an expert.Chemo and radiation are not an option. We have been told to remove his entire pancreas. I am looking for an expert to give a second opinion. Has anyone information to guide me?
Thank You,

mr steve
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Find a treatment center that has treated it. I am slighted to OSU since what they have done for my wife. It was one of 2 centers that were recommended to us the other was M D Anderson.

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I do not know where you are located. I'm in Texas and I'm a 2 yr. survivor of stage 3 pancreatic cancer. I went to Texas Oncology (Located at Baylor Hospital) in Dallas.
They are located at 3535 Worth St. Dallas, Texas 75246-2006. Phone # (214)370-1000.
My surgeon was Jeffery Lamont. He specialized in the pancreas. Sorry I don't have his phone number but, I'm sure the number I have on here can get his number for you. He did a GREAT JOB on me. Also Mr.Steve listed a couple well noted places. At the very least. They could put you in touch with the correct people in your area.

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My wife is an almost 6 year survivor of stage 4 Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer having never been able to have surgery. I am very willing to talk via the phone should you wish, simply email me a phone # to michael@isletcellcancer ( dot ) com

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I was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine tumors on my pancreas which spread to my liver in March of this year.
I just finished my 6th chemo treatment on Oct.19th and when I had my last scan the tumors had shrunk significantly! I have another scan this Thurs. and hoping for more good news.

If you need someone to talk to, vent, etc. Please contact me!


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hPINK M.E.N. 1/ZES/Gastrinoma
in 2006-07, my husband was diagnosed with 6 malignant secreting gastinomas around,/on his pancreas. His symptoms were mostly controlled until this year (2012).

Due to increasing major symptoms, there are more tests to be ran, but in the mean time, he has chosen to begin using several natural health products and has changed his diet to No sugar or flour products, almond (unsweetened) milk, No milk products, and No fruits. He's using products that strengthen the amune system, pancreas, and also things like vitamin C powder with baking soda mixed with sugar free green tea, etc.

We only wish We would have looked into alternative health remedies much sooner!

I definitely recommend food changes (which I am sure you have) along with alternative health/natural medicine. I has a contact person who is filled with information and is a cancer survivor himself.

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