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DCIS and bone scans?

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I have had quite a bit of pain (chest, neck, arm and back) for the last few weeks and (of course) am worried that it is a reoccurance.

I told my oncologist about it and he said that they don't usually order bone scans for people diagnosed with DCIS.

I'm just wondering if anyone else with DCIS has had a bone scan done and if it was helpful. I want to do what I can to detect anything else early on but there don't seem to be any other tests that they do unless I find a lump or something. I just don't feel right and my worrying is spreading to my husband - he is always there to take care of me and doesn't like to see me in any pain.

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I had a bone scan the same day I had a mamogram. That mamo found DCIS. Onc did ask me if I had had one. He was going to schedule one said I would need one every two years.

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Megan M
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I assumed if you were having pain that your onco would order a bone scan no matter what type of bc you had, but, I don't know Wolfi. Did he say more as to why he doesn't? Hoping your pain gets better.

Hugs, Megan

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i was diagnosed in april with dcis on my left side i had a mastectomy in may. in august i started having a lot of pain in my hip i spoke to my oncoligist and he ordered a bone scan and a chest x ray right away.

wishing you the best,


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He said that he doesn't order one for DCIS unless there is a good reason (I guess I wasn't in enough pain that day for him to think it was a good reason). He did send me for an ultrasound on my arm to rule out a blood clot causing my arm pain.

I think I'm going to have to push for some better answers - this pain is really annoying and the whole process is getting old.

Thanks everyone for your responses.

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