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Anybody Else With a Sore Throat Post Treatment?

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Pam M
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OK - most of you are saying "Duh". It's just past a year since I discovered my huge lymph node. The only "symptom" I had was a slight sore throat - I attributed it to irritation from sinus drainage - I also had decreased appetite, so I guess that's two. Anyway, I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I had a mild sore throat. Still do. I'm telling myself that I probably have a sore throat every year this time of year, and never paid any attention (I'm great at dismissing physical issues). Do many of you all have a sore throat? Is it common this time of year? I see my MO tomorrow - I'll ask him the same. The good news is I'm doing well enough to grumble about a minor sore throat - no "real" problems here, thank goodness. Except heartburn - from eating too much Mexican food this afternoon - can't complain about that, since I thoroughly enjoyed getting it.

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I get them all the time not sure why, but every time I go to see my Doc about it he says everything looks good, so I stopped worrying about them, just another part of my new normal

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I also can relate...I seem to go in random cycles.

I feel good for awhile and just when I start gaining some confidence, I'll get some little persistent quirk.

Occasionally I also will have some irritation in my throat. Prior to being diagnosed with throat cancer, it would be something I'd never worry about, knowing it would eventually go away.

Well, since my first and pretty much only symptoms from the cancer was a persistent mile throat irritation, now every-time I get something bothering me for more than a few days I get apprehensive.

It's very hard not to think is this something more than a random ailment, will it go away soon.

My ENT is very understanding and I know I have visited him more than needed at times. He always takes me in, makes room in his schedule and checks me out. Always letting me know that he's much rather I be on top of symptoms rather than blow them off if its of concern me.


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I've had a some irritation in my throat this week. Sometimes I think it's because I've been talking a lot, dry throat, or that food has been "roughing" things up a bit.

But still learning what my new normal is, I can't help but think..."I hope this is only irritation"...

A great weekend to all,

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D Lewis
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Yep. Sore throats - I get em. My ENT warned me ahead of time that I could expect them to occur. I believe the word he used was "often." I'm still checking out as healthy, so I try not to let them worry me.


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