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To Norma 2

hopeful girl 1
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You mentioned you didn't have much trouble with white counts and ate whole wheat toast with cinnamon and apricots everday. Do you think this combo made the difference?

Did you eat once a day or more?

Please advise.

Thank you!


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I ate raw spinach, nuts especially almonds, blueberries as I could tolerate. It was when I was right after I had abdominal radiation and my intestine was still irrigated. The cinammon seemed to settle my stomach. I read somewhere it helped the white count. I wish I could remember where. At any rate I was lucky not to need the shots or have the chemo delayed. I think it is different for each person, honey. I ate what struck my fancy since everthing still smelled funny and would make me queasy at times.

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Are you taking any Whey protein? I've got a good friend who was RN in oncology dept in San Diego. She coached me from the start and one thing she told me, keep the fluids in me and take 2 scoope of Whey each day.. Protein will boost our system and help us recover from the toxins with chemo. Might this be of help to you?

I didn't have a delay in any rounds of my 6 chemo sessions, but I was the sandwich protocol and doc suggested I take neulasta shots after my last 3 rounds. Apparently, my white counts were a bit lower after round 3, before I had 33 sessions of pelvic radiation. I think your doc won't give shots or anything like this...correct me if wrong??

I love the foods that Norma is suggesting as can't imagine these won't help. Just try very small meals, just to get something down. You'll find when our bodies are fighting this disease we need nutrients to rebuild our systems after chemo breaks them down.

Keep on eating and think positive. You'll get thru and I do give you credit as you don't give up either!!

Go girl!!!!

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I just remembered that I take a multiple vitamin daily and have all through surgery, treatment and post treatment. I don't know if it helped. It would stand to reason that it might have helped a tad since I really didn't eat much during chemo. My appetite was off. I had to force myself to eat since things smelled funny and made me queasy. The vitamins may have helped.

{{hugs to you all}}}
This may not be true but, I would like to think it is though: Try and laugh everyday. I mean find something that makes you laugh. Look at the humor in things. I believe that laughter helps. I read somewhere that laughter can raise the interferon levels in our bodies. Wish I could find out where. Maybe laughter does the same with our white count. Who knows? I would like to think so. I laughed a lot when I was bald. It really made me feel better. I threatened to get a tattoo on the top of my head. My family nixed the idea.

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I love that idea and have a friend who is a tatooist...LOL

Something like Cancer Sucks would work for me!


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