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that Deadly cancer

9 time survivor
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I survived Ovarian Cancer back in 1974, there were no symptoms, caught by accident no pain or anything, was told had i not have the surgery would not have lived 2 weeks. Follow up was Oncologist, however I did not want chemo. 17 years later again by accident it was caught in my kidney, which was removed, of course this killer would not leave me alone, kept coming in bladder. which thankfully we snip away. Another snip soon its back in both bladder and kidney. Not to brag or praise myself because honestly I am scared to death at this point. No husband or kids to be with me at my age of 69. I also have COPD and Emphysema
which does not help. Guess what I am trying to say is I do not get pain or any symptoms with my type of cancer so I never know when I have it. Stay sharp and be thankful for pain sometimes, that's your body saying "hey something is wrong"
Her I am venting before going of to dialysis since my only kidney is now in stage 5 chronic kidney failure. Have faith it has kept me strong along with the love of my 2 sister that puts up with me being a B . I pray for those on here as well as myself. And please feel free to vent to me also. And to those that believe in the power of prayer I will need some on Oct 20th. Thanks

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You are a brave person. I wish you all the best . I pray to GOD to give you all the strength to fight that deadly disease. My mother has been deducted with stage4 cancer in her gall bladder and at metastatic stage. Doctors have said that she wont live more,but I have faith in GOD that she will fight though we have not told her about cancer.

Best Wishes to you.

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Never give-up because there is always hope, I too believe in the power of prayer and believe it is what has kept me going through all 3 of my cancers.

God is so good

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