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pancreatic cancer

fightin n prayin
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Pancreatic cancer seems to be the forgotten cancer. I read it accounts for 25% of all cancer deaths. My wife is stage IV and mat to her ovaries, lungs, liver, and in the bone of her shoulder. She has had 3 sessions of gemsar with very little improvement. She is now getting gemsar and cisplatin. Today she had interviewed for possible sir-spheres (sirt) for the liver. I am trying to find someone who has gone through this and discuss the side effects of this treatment.

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Johns Hopkins has a very active discussion group. Go to Google and put in Johns Hopkins. Click on something like patient family or something close to that. At the bottom of that page, you will be able to click on Discussion group.

The Johns Hopkins pancreatic cancer website also has a lot of information that I am sorry that you need to learn about.

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I had 2 treatments before my surgery. No obvious side effect other than a little bit weak for 2 days.. Good luck and God bless..

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hello and welcome to you and your wife. There is someone on the esophageal discussion board whose husband has mets to his liver and has had success with the therasphere treatment. Her name is Sally and her husband is Jim. I can not remember her screen name, but I know she could help you. Keep up the fight. Stay in touch. I just looked up her screen name. It is 38Sallyb. Good luck!

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