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I left my heart, in Fort Worth, Texas.....UPDATE

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I'm sooo excited!!!

For 4 days:

I get DOORS opened for me!!!
I get called "ma'am" with all respect intended.
I get to watch men put something wild between their legs. (in PUBLIC, no less!)
I get to see a fair as big as Texas....

WHEW! Almost more than my little SoCal heart can stand!!!

And, yes, what happens in Fort Worth, stays in Fort Worth!

Have a grand week, all....I know I will!!!!


We arrived safely....8 of us went to dinner at a wonderful restaurant, with Texas-sized plates (all of us ordered one entree to split between 2 people, and there were STILL leftovers!).

Weather is great, breezy and sunny....headed to Botanical Gardens today, and maybe some museums....later to check out some local watering holes...

Hugs, Kathi

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Well, I hope all of you Paloozians have a fantastic time, but durn - does it HAVE to stay in Ft. Worth? How is a girl supposed to live vicariously through you?

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Hugs, Kathi

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I was kind of hoping for details and pictures!


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