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PET Scan Results

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Jim's PET scan results were great! The doctor said the cancer is gone and that there is only residual activity from the treatment.

We are offering praise to God for His mercy and thanks to you all for your prayers.
Thanks, again.

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So happy to hear this great news. Relax now and enjoy life.

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D Lewis
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Joined: Jan 2010

Thank you for sharing.


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Just excellent to hear....Cheers


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Great news keeps coming. So wonderful to hear. I breathe a sigh of relief with every good PET reported. Speaks to the effectiveness of the brutal treatment against this cancer. Congrats on this excellent news.
Mark goes in for his first PET in early November. I can sometimes feel the anxiety creeping in.

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Congratulations on the PET report, a big thank you Lord on this one.

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Woo hoo! So happy to hear this wonderful news!

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Pam M
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Wonderful to hear - thanks for sharing. Hope you have your own mini celebration every time you look at him.

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I love here the great news. Enjoy life.

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I love it when this board is ablaze with good news. Yay. Another happy dance. Getting my exercise today.

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Glenna M
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So happy for both of you. Love reading about great PET scans.

Stay well,

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& great to hear your good news. This the kind of news we all love to hear.


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Yes every PEt Scan that comes back good gives everyone hope...:) Next Wednesday Bob get's his first post Cancer PET...we are both nervous but very hopeful he will receive the wonderful news you guy's got! What is the timeline when you don't need PET Scans anymore yearly or every 6 month's 3 or 5 years?? Hope everyone has a great day and someone else get's good news today and everyday in the Future! This Battle can be beaten...

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Congrats on the great results! May God continue to bless you and Jim with good health!
Always happy to hear good news, and praise for His mercy!
Love & Prayers, Patty

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