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Odd Scan results, Anyone heard of this?

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Hi everyone!

My scan was the beginning of September, and I thought everything was alright, but now I am really confused. My Thyroid area lit up of course, but so did both breasts, which was weird. My oncologist didn't get back to me for a week, and he asked if I was nursing which I haven't for years. He said the results said that chances it has metastisized is low and it's probably due to high prolactin levels. He said he wasn't worried and we would just see what happens on the 6 month scan. A week later my endo called and said that they want to check my prolactin levels and I needed to come in right away. I went the next day for blood work. I heard nothing until yesterday and was enjoying getting on with life and figured that it must have been high and that the mystery was solved. Yesterday they called and said the test said my prolactin levels were normal and asked when the last time I saw the gyno and if they noticed anything wrong. I am now a little freaked out. I have been having a lot of breast swelling, pain and tenderness off and on for the past 5 or 6 months, but figured it must be due to my recent irregular periods which I figured were being caused by either the thyroid problems or the ovarian cysts they just found at the beginning of July. Anyway, I'm confused and could use some encouragement. Thanks for any insight!

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