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I dont know what has happened to my father! His attitude had taken a complete 180! He started chemo 1 week ago and he has been acting to mean to me and my sister but especially me! He is screaming all the time, breaking things, wont talk to me leaves the hoouse when I go to vivist I just dont understand this is nooooot like my dad! He is the kindest most loving person in the world. I just had a birthday on sunday which he was absent for and im getting married in 10 days, instead of enjoying this time I have been crying because he is so mean. Anyone have experience with something like this?

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to hear that your Dad's reaction after the chemo. I've never had any chemo (hopefully never), and never heard anything about the mood/attitute swing afer the chemo. I have read some of your posts and I do know that you love your dad as much as he loves you so maybe he is doing this on purpose?? Either wanting you to focus on your life or just being upset that you are getting married? Either way, I suggest that you sit down and have a talk about this.

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When the liver can't remove the ammonia from the blood stream, it can build up and cause odd, hostile behavior. There's a medicine called lactulose that helps remove the ammonia, but it's a disgusting liquid that causes diarreah (sp?) because it binds with the ammonia in the colon. I can always tell when my husbands level begins to rise, he gets kind of mean and says things that are really out of character. I'll encourage him to take his lactulose, but he can be pretty resistant to that suggestion because he isn't thinking clearly when this happens. Maybe you can talk to the doctor about the behavior your seeing?

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