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great results

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As most of you know, I started my 2nd clinical trial a couple of months ago at Lombardi (Georgetown). I got scans on Friday and the results today. Most tumors have remained stable and even had a slight decrease in a few. My doctor is very pleased with the results and of course we are continuing on with it. This is a phase I study and I really hope it proves to continue to be beneficial not only for me, but the other patients as well. Maybe one day soon this will lead to more patients who have been unsuccessful with the standard drugs, such as myself, given the opportunity for a lifetime. And I promise that I will continue to fight for that for all of us. I don't know if I shared this but I'm getting married on Saturday and this was the best news we've heard in a long time. I'm so grateful to God for blessing me. I asked Him from the start to lead my doctors to the best treatment plan for me and He has truly blessed me with great docs all around and with the medicines to keep me alive and otherwise healthy. If anyone is interested in knowing more about this trial just pm me and I will send you the info.


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I am really happy for you; it sounds like this treatment is working really well. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It sure is nice when you get good news like you got before such a wonderful event. Stay happy!

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Congrats on both! October is a nice time to get married. There is nothing in the way to compete for good anniversary gifts (no Xmas tax time or Easter) lol. Wishing you continued good results with your clinical trials and well wishes as you start your new life with your sweetie. Enjoy your day!


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I'm so glad to hear your news, that the treatment is keeping things stable & even shrinking them! Also- wow- congratulations on your wedding this weekend!!!
Do you have any exciting plans for a honeymoon?
So excited for you!


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Lots of exciting news comming your way. Keep up the fight girl, you are on your way. Hope your wedding day is all you dreamed it to be and more.. Petrina

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Please keep us informed abbot your progress !
Best to you !

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Congrats for your weeding too!

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This is truly wonderful news for you. I am so happy for you.

Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding. Enjoy Post a picture when you can. Through thick and thin, this guy stuck around so he must really be a keeper and a special guy. May you two have a wonderful day and marriage.

Happy Wedding Day - Tina

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Sheri: Thanks for sharing both items of good news ! Brenda

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Dear Sheri,

So very happy that the trial is working for you.

It is wonderful that you are getting married this week.

May you have a long and wonderful life as a couple!


Marie who loves kitties

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Great news! And congrats on your wedding, what a great gift to start you off right.

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good for you .....have a wonderful wedding day.....


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Congrats on the good scan and your upcoming wedding, Sheri! It's supposed to be beautiful here in Maryland on Saturday - I hope the day (and the rest of your lives together) are perfectly magical!

Tashina (in Baltimore)

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Have a great life together, Sherrie!

Congratulations on your wedding and thanks for sharing.


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Fantastic news on the scan AND the upcoming wedding! Wishing you many happy years together.

Thank you for partipating in a trial that can help others too. Those of you that do these trials are very brave and deserve thanks from those of us that benefit from the gift of volunteers for trials!

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Sounds like good news and glad that this trial seems to be helping you. Glad that you are doing good. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding too. Have a Blessed Day.


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Wonderful news. Congratulations! Best of luck on your big day. Enjoy every second of it.
Linda and Ellie

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tina dasilva
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i'm so happy for you .

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I am happy for you, I really think your attitude has played a major role in this and to get married as well this Saturday...and with good results from the trials, oh my, its gonna be a great weekend !!!.....Have a tremendous time ...and we want pics !!!......Love and congratulations to you both, Clift

C Dixon
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This is wonderful news. Congratulations! And thanks for fighting and inspiring us.


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I am so happy to hear the good news. I hope your wedding is everything you ever wanted it to be. I wish you both happiness and health.


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Great news! Congrats & Best wishes are in order. Are you going out of town for the wedding?

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Have a most wonderful wedding.
And here's hoping the trial is a success for you!!!
I'll be thinking of you on your big day on Saturday!! Many years of wedded bliss wished your way.
Winter Marie

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We're definitely going to want to see wedding photos!


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How many tumors do you have? Did you try Tace or SIRT? what other option is working? what's your first and second clinical trial?

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So happy to hear such good news regarding your stable and decreased tumors and may your wedding be the most wonderful experience ever!

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I'm glad things are going well for you. Congratulations to you and your future Hubby!

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Nana b
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To a wonderful Life!!!

Stay true to yourselves and respect thy partner! To an long life, and marriage!

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Thank you every one! You all make the war a little easier to fight. I will definitely post pictures. You guys are the best.

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and very courageous girl, best to you and him...

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