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Good results?

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cb girl
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Just received CT results after husband's 2nd round of cisplatin/gemzar. The tumors have remained unchanged from the first round when there was 30% shrinkage of tumors in both lungs. NSCLC IIIA T2 N2 M0. I know it is good news as the tumors didn't grow or spread, just was hoping more had happened. The onc is scheduling a PET scan for a month from now-we are going on our postponed honeymoon- and we will determine what may be our next tx plan. Alimta, tarceva, possibly radiation. The doc thinks perhaps what is showing on the scan could be dead cancer cells and it is scarring we see and a PET scan will show that and help chart our course. He said it's not complete remission, but does that mean some kind of remission? I hate how I get caught up on one vocabulary word. Any thoughts on which tx worked best? Or order of tx, alimta first, then tarceva? I am glad that we are still in the fight and the cancer is smaller than when we started in April 2010 and hasn't spread, which does make it good news after all. Thanks to all of you for your courage

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stage IIIB
I was dx in June 2nd, 2010 for large orange size tumor in upper right lobe and 4-5 central lymphnodes between lungs, this makes it IIIB. Iam 47 yrs old, treatment may be diff for older men/women. I have mild emphasema, but they are not worried about this at this time.
I am in-operable, which is pretty standard once cancer has left the lungs and gone elswhere. They may operate on a large tumor pressing on organs due to discomfort, but not for the purpose of curing the cancer.

I have completed 35 rounds of radiation to my front and back, simultaneously of chemo for which I go every tuesday for 4 hrs for carbo and taxol.

I have 4 weeks of 1st-line treatment remaining. Total about 22 weeks of chemo.

Because Onc was ok with main tumor reduction, but not ok with stable lymph node (meaning they did not increase or decrease, they are unresponsive to treatment thus far.)
He beefed up the carbo by 20% because chemo side effects for me are not too bad.

My latest plan is to finish 4 more chemos, get full ct/pet thigh to head, then get 2nd opinion if I do not like what I see or hear. This time I am going to one cancer reputable hospital for which I live 6 miles from.
Currently I have 4 doctors at 4 locations, I did not realize this when all this went down, but many hospital docs have separate offices for treatments and I really wonder if they review with a "tumor board". The relationship with the doctors/hosipitals/and their private practice is still confusing !!
I want all my docs treat me on hospital staff location from now on.
Also---Stayingcalm has tons of experience (this is not a good thing !! lol)
Lets keep talking...>Dave

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