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PPC survivor for 14 yrs

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I am real confused about how to do all this so I'm hoping I'm posting this on the right site. I am a PPC patient who has been fighting this cancer now for 14 yrs. Especially for the last 4 yrs with non stop chemo and surgeries. I am beginning my 12th different chemo chemical tomorrow. I haven't had hair in 4 yrs and don't even remember how to use a comb now. I have experience all the side effects possible I think. Even some that are not listed on the papers until I get them nobody even knows about them. So I am glad to find this website along with one other one I belong to... Team Inspire. This one seems to have more PPC patients on it however. I am anxious to share what I have experienced and hope to learn some things from others. Anything to help one another with this pest of a disease. So here is hoping I am on the right website. Looking forward to talking to others...

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you will find many women dealing with the same issues you are on the uterine ca board. Very few visit this board. ((HUGS))

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Hi my mum has been diagnosed with PPC in May. I am glad I have stumbled across you!
Try posting on the ovarian board there are a few ladies on there with PPC. I know it is a different cancer but even the oncologists lump it in with ovarian , looks the same under a microscope , treated the same , same symptoms.
Please tell me you story in more detail, stage, grade, surgeries chemotherapys I would love to hear, and think I would even let mum read it!!!
God bless you x

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Is anyone out there who had my wonderful luck?????? For 3years to don't know what type of cancer, and been to unknown clinic, second time, major hysterectomy and splenectomy, 3rd time the cancer is back and been on Doxil/Carbo waiting the Pet-CT on coming Thursday to find if the chemo works. The time is 2.00am and I have no sleep, just thinking if anyone goes to MDA in Houston and has any opinions???? and advice. I am so desperately looking for answers and
alternative treatments.

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