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Feeling normal

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Last night my daughter had a small mishap at a friends house and needed stiches in her forehead. My husband has a horrible cold and I really didn't think an ER needed that so I picked her up and took her. She got two stiches and is fine. I am in a ER at midnight and I felt normal. I was estatic. My daughter told me to quit smiling.

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Isn't it nice to have some moments when you feel normal?! Hope you continue to have those moments more frequently!



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Hope your daughter is ok? I am thinking from her coment that she is doing fine. funny how we all know what you are saying and we all had a little smile too.

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Mark and I were just talking about how cancer has taught us to enjoy every day. How even a trip to the ER and not be the one on the table can in its own strange way feel good. Mark and I rode 20 miles on our newly acquired bikes today. I am exhausted. He is going out to have dinner with his son. Sieze the day!
Great to hear about good; great to hear about normal. Thanks Judy.

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