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Gaining gaining gaining, okay that's enough now

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When I started on this right tonsil c involving 1 lymph node thing the rads dr and med onc said I would lose 15 - 20 kgs, I thought this not possible at all, I was 82kgs (180 pounds) I ended up 57kgs (125 pounds) I am now coming up 6 months PT and am 67kg (147 pounds) and that has been in the last 4 weeks, if I keep going I will outdo my original weight which I was never happy with, but, since I got my taste buds back I just want to eat everything. I didn't have a PEG or anything while having treatment, just 2 sustagens and home made juice everyday. I was very fortunate and didn't get a sore throat either, I don't know why, just never happened and they would tell me every week that it was going to happen, I would tell them to stop telling what was going to happen and let my body just experience it and I would remain as positive as possible. Sometimes when you've got someone ramming down your throat (pardon the pun) how bad you are going to feel, you will just feel bad, so in the end they stopped telling me the negative stuff and focused on the good stuff, my cure.

Just another story to add to the list of many. I love this sight and I love reading all your posts. It's like you are my long lost family. xxxxxx

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That is 147 healthy pounds. It should level off. I still have my tube so I worry about the same thing. Started out overweight anyway. Have lost 60 pounds. Good luck sweet girl.

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I can relate to that!

I never got a sore throat either. The doctors kept telling me that it was coming. I wouldn't be able to swallow and I'd have to rely on the peg tube for nutrition, but it never happened. The peg tube was a useless appendage that was never needed.

Appetite was a different story. I had no appetite and everything tasted awful. I ended up loosing 100 pounds, but it was 100 pounds I needed to shed anyway. My taste and appetite are back, but my weight is stable. The doctor even told me that I've lost an additional five pounds since treatment ended if June.

I eat different foods than I did before. Fruits, veggies, whole grains and beans are my main diet now. That stuff tastes good. Processed foods, sweets and meats.... not so much.

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I am going to be in trouble if I continue with my current diet, almost nothing tastes good except for soft pretzels and danish..(how sad) I do try to eat Greek yogurt (which I think tastes awful, but it is good for me) hmmm..I used to love fruit, I eat salads, but can't really taste them..maybe things will improve.

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