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Good song to listen to.....

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"I will never say goodbye" by Danny Gokey.....go to youtube and listen to it. Good one for all of us during these times....we are not alone!


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I have Danny Gokey's CD with that song on it. I agree it's a great song. Did you know he wrote that for his wife, who also died? Makes me cry when I listen to it though. There are so many of us who have lost our spouses, and it's too bad we can't get together. One of my friends just lost her husband about a month ago & we have really bonded since we know what we've gone through. Anyone who hasn't doesn't understand how bad it is to all of a sudden be alone. Hang in there!! "Carole"

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I just downloaded the song. It pretty much sums up how I am feeling these days. I know it's a process but I would like to know how long it is going to last?! My husband died in May, but I think the pain and sorrow is getting worse not better. I'm sure part of it is the time of year and the holidays approaching, but I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

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My husband died in March right before Easter and I still have days where I cry and can't stop thinking about him.
Are you seeing a counselor or on any anti-depressants? I started seeing a counselor a month after he died and went every 2 weeks, but now only go 1 time a month. It really has helped me alot, plus I'm on Zoloft too. I told her I'm starting to think of the holidays and getting depressed. She said she'll keep me on the meds until at least spring, depending on how I'm doing. This site really helps alot & I go on here alot during the day. It's 11:00 p.m. and I'm on here again. Feel like I"m talking to someone, is that crazy??
Hang in there! "Carole"

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