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About Cancer- It has it's limts

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An old friend pasted this on her Face book page RE her cancer experience. My wife copied and sent it to me, and I share it with you.

What Cancer Cannot Do!

I hate cancer. But remember what cancer can't do.

Cancer is limited...

It cannot cripple love,

cannot shatter hope,

cannot corrode faith,

cannot eat away faith,

cannot eat away peace.

It cannot destroy confidence.

cannot kill friendship,

cannot shut out memories,

silence courage,

invade the soul,

cannot reduce eternal life,

quench the spirit.

It cannot lessen the power of the resurrection!

-Janna Leick

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Thanks for the reminders. We cannot let cancer dictate our lives. Keep on with life while making the daily decisions to conquer what we can. Cancer can teach us many things. I learned that a woman can have bald head and still smile, if the earrings are big enough!! And even if cancer takes our life, it cannot erase the memories we leave behind. It it takes the life of our loved ones, it cannot erase the memories we hold. So let's all make happy memories.

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Thanks, Trew. I have this posted in my workspace at eye level right in front of me. It has been there for a while but I don't remember where I originally saw it. Now I've got your post to bookmark so I'll always have an electronic copy. Thanks for keeping this fresh in my mind.

griff 1
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thanks for posting nice. hope you are doing good. griff

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Thanks for sharing this. It says it all. I will copy this and post it in a very visible spot in my workspace and share with my family.
Hope you are doing good.

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