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Nurse Navigator Programs

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This sounds like a great program from Alegant.
The website is:http://www.alegent.com/body.cfm?id=3866&action=detail&service=246

What now?
It’s the most natural question to ask when you receive a cancer diagnosis. And it’s a question that’s hard to answer when dealing with the emotions and thoughts that inevitably overwhelm you after you’re given your test results. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family. That’s why we offer the Nurse Navigator program to all of our oncology patients in the Alegent Health system.

What is a Nurse Navigator?
A Nurse Navigator is an oncology-certified nurse who is available to guide you and your family through the entire process of diagnosis and treatment at Alegent Health. The Nurse Navigator is a single point of contact who will be there with you every step of the way.

The Alegent Health Podcast Episode #13
Nurse Navigators

What is the cost of a Nurse Navigator?
There is no additional charge for a Nurse Navigator.

What can I expect from a Nurse Navigator?
The role of the Nurse Navigator is to ease the burden of cancer treatment on both you and your family. Nurse Navigators will:

* Help you understand your diagnosis and the available treatment options.

* Discuss any warning signs or symptoms that may arise over the course of treatment and recovery.

* Collaborate with all members of the medical team to ensure information is current and available from all of your physicians, nurses and counselors.

* Help you and your family connect with community resources.

* Coordinate your care with any other healthcare provider throughout the system. This includes:

o Cancer Support Team, which provides: education on disease and treatment; comfort and symptom management; patient and family counseling (including: emotional, social, spiritual, nutritional and financial counseling); referral to community services (home care, palliative care and hospice care); cancer rehabilitation; integrative therapies; and support groups.
o Cancer Genetics documents your personal and family medical history and discusses inheritance patterns and risks.
o Cancer Clinical Trials, which your physician may recommend as a benefit to you and other cancer patients.
o Professional Services throughout the system.

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Stacey, that sounds like an awesome program that can really be of great benefit to patients!

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I'm happy to say that we have a nurse navigator throughout Mike's treatment. I can't say enough wonderful things about "Jackie" our navigator. We met her on day 1 when Mike had the very first PET (before the "official diagnosis"). She coordinated every appointment,scan, suction machine/supplies, prescriptions-pain managements, expedited visits to the ER and always (and continues to) REPLY TO EVERY EMAIL and every call. We are so fortunate and as far as we're concerned, she doesn't get paid enough for everything. Our facility has a nurse navigator for all types of cancer. Jackie handles Head/Neck and Neur-oncology.
Love our Jackie......

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Glenna M
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I checked out the link you posted on facebook and was very impressed with this program. I hope it's an idea that catches on is made available to all cancer patients.

Thanks for sharing this info.

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