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Does anyone have oncologists that don't use the shots for white cells and platelets?

hopeful girl 1
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Just wondering if anyone else has gone thru taxol/carbo without any booster shots but had low counts?

Thanks all!

Hugs! :)

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You need to get an infusion to help bring up the platelet count. It is like getting a blood infusion. When the platelet count is low, you are at risk for bleeding.

I did get neulasta shots after my last two chemo treatment. After my fourth chemo I ended up in the hospital with Febrile Neutropenia. I had two Neupogen shots in the hospital and it brought up my WBC count.

I had the sandwich treatment, like you are getting. The radiation in between the 3 chemos did affect my WBC blood counts. I must have had an infected lymph node that my body could fight off until I got my fourth chemo.

I did have bone pain with the shots. I read that taking claritin before the shots and 3 days after the shots reduces the pain. I did that and it did reduce the pain greatly. You might want to consider this if you have the shots.

Luckily my red blood cell counts were always 12- 14. The chemo never really effected my red blood cells.

In one of your other posts you asked about alcohol free mouthwash. Biodyne makes a mouthwash as well as the toothpaste. I thought you wrote you were using the biodyne toothpaste in one of your previous posts.

Hope your bood counts improve and your teeth issues resolve. In peace and caring.

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I did not need to get any shots - after my 4th round I remember having low counts and I was told I might have to get the shot - but, after a week delay my counts came up to range. I credited my meditation (I pictured my white cells being manufactured in the bone marrow - and the "factory" was powered by my purring kitty, Phoebe). You are welcome to use this imagery!!

I wish you the very best with treatment. Mary Ann

hopeful girl 1
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Wow-that's great that meditation worked so well for you. I should try that.

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I had one shot of nuelasta after first session of chemo and ended up being allergic to it. I went thru chemo without any shots. I drank soya protien drinks and walked and tho had pain, as each chemo treatment came and went i made it without. My levels weren't low , one of the nurses said I had very good bone marrow to go this without any support. I did have support I had my faith in GOD and myself that I was going to do this.......Good luck to you!

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I never took these drugs with my breast cancer chemo ten years ago or carb/plat. She is giving me neulasta with doxil and avastin now. I know there is some controversy that there may be later effects from these WBC stimulators. The other side of the coin is the importance of getting the chemo on time to kill cancer cells.


hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

Thank you for all of the input.

I asked my oncologist's nurse and she said he will use the shots, but tries not to.
If someone gets low at the start of chemos, will give.

Or if gets super low I guess.

I was told he must not feel I need as he did not suggest today, and I just had my 5th chemo. My neutrophils are only 1.2 so I was not too happy-I am afraid they will drop to zero. I am going to think positive and have faith they will not. I will do my walking, drink my water, eat a lot of protein, drink ensure shakes, and do visualization. I am going to try that this time.


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