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starting first chemo session; any advice?

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My boyfriend is starting chemo next week; he will be getting carboplatin and VP16, 3 days with 21 days in between. Has anyone been on a similar regimen? I know it's different for everyone. The doc seems to think he will be able to work in between sessions. We are hoping that is the case, as he is out of accrued time. Just wondering what to expect...

Oh, he has sclc that has spread to his neuroendocrine system. It had metastasized to his brain but whole brain radiation was successful in "melting away" the mets.


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My mom was on exact same cocktail and schedule, the chemo did not bother her at all. However radiation kicked her butt.....long after it was finished. She had 15 rad to brain and 15 to spine, then started chemo. (SCLC w/mets to brain and spine)

All tolerate differently, I hope he does well on it.

My best to you both!

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Be sure to take the anti-naseau meds like clock work.. My Mom did and never got sick!

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If he cant work or really does not want to at this time), I have spent extensive time understanding FMLA and with securing social security disability benefits as well as my work was insured as well, so I receive two checks direct deposit every month, for at least 3 yrs.

Let me know If I can help steer you if you need this service, because I my chemo was once/week and radiation daily for 35 weeks and 22 weeks respectively and simultaneously and it was emotionally and physically draining for my work and I chose not to, docs agreed.


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Miss Bella
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Dear Karen,
I am new here.
I have nsclc IIIA. I had Cisplatin/VP 16. Mo-both, Tue-Fri Vp16 and the next Mo Cisplat/Vp 16 while having radiation treatments every day. There was three weeks between chemo.Four rounds. Now I have finished four rounds of Carboplatin/Alimta. Carbo is not as toxic as Cisplatin but it is still platinum based. It is important to stay hydrated. He needs to really stay on top of that. He might loose his hair. Taking anti nausea meds pretty quickly when and if he is nauseous. Nip it in the bud so to speak. It is also important to eat, whatever he feels like, sometimes our taste buds change so we can become picky while on chemo.
Good Luck with the treatments!
Miss Bella

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