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We've started Alimta + Avastin

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a week ago dad had his first treatment of Alimta+Avastin. seems to have tolerated it pretty well except for extremely watery eyes and fatigue. he eats like a horse! problem is, he has always had a sweet tooth and eats them like crazy now. somewhere i read that cancer thrives on sugar...anyone know anything about that? he has stage 4 NSCLC with mets to the brain. had WBR that ended in June. because of various setbacks they are just now starting to treat the lung. his ONC was "encouraged" that it had only grown a "little" since the last CT scan in June. says it's 2 x 1 cm now...was millimeters before. he says maybe the cancer is deciding to play nice for now. i told him i knew he wasn't God but could he give me a time frame...he said he would be dissapointed if he couldn't give dad 6 GOOD months on this alimta/avastin treatment. if he gets 6 good months, which will be in March 2011, it will have been a year since his dx which he told me is the average lifespan with this type of cancer. being an only child, this is really hard for me but i can't even imagine what goes through dad's mind....he is fortunate enough to have a seperate cancer ins. policy that reimburses him for the cost of rad and chemo....at what they charge the insurance co...not what he pays, thank GOD! he keeps thanking me for taking care of him and that when he dies whatever he has is mine....i've told him countless times i would rather have him healthy than to ever have his money or his things. thanks for letting me ramble.....


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