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Chemo Done

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Dave finished up with his last cisplatin Monday, 6 more rads and he is finished with treatment, and on the road to recovery. YaHoooo. He has done really well except for the thick mucus, and nausea. He has lost only 16 pounds with the feeding tube so far. Wanted to let everyone know how he is doing so far. Hope all are doing well as Dave! Has appointment with ENT Oct 19th to check out his throat, please remember us in your prayers that all looks good!! I'll update when know something more.

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That sounds wonderful!

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Joined: Aug 2009

he has completed chemo. I hope your appt with doc goes well.

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Joined: Jan 2010

Glad Dave is doing okay thru treatment. Will put you on prayer list for the ENT appt.

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Glenna M
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Happy to hear that Dave is done with chemo and only 6 more rads. Will be praying for him on the 19th that all looks good at the ENT's.

Stay well,

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Glad to hear Dave is almost done. Prayers are on the list for the ENT visit.


Kent Cass
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You got 'em.


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Positive thoughts coming your way!


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Chemo finished is a good step forward, up next the rads. Glad to hear Dave has done quite well. I completed my chemo and rads on the same day and first started to feel better about 4-5 days after that, hope Dave does also. Good thoughts your way for the 19th. Cheers,


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Great news...I'm sure he can't wait to get started back on the road without the rads and chemo...


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Cross it off the list of things to be done. Very satisfying. Finished Cisplatin...no small feat. Many cannot finish the treatment because the side effects are so bad. Kudos to Dave for handling the Big Guns all the way through.
Hope time moves swiftly for the final 6 rads.
Good energy coming you way!!!

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Sounds like he is handling everything really well. Glad he is in the home stretch. Looking forward to hearing great news on the 19th.

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Yes, it does sound like he's doing well for the stage he's at.
With six rads left, he's going to be cooking for a while, but he's coming into the home stretch.
That's a good thing.

--Jim in Delaware

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Thanks for sharing the good news, he is on his way to becoming a survivor

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That is great news. I have 8 Rads and 1 Cisplatin left. I should ring out on the 19th or 20th. I am glad to hear Dave has not had to suffer all of the side effects, but having to suffer one or two is bad enough.

I will be thinking of you and Dave when you ring out.

God Bless!!!


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