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OK,,,just reading bye bye hair and not sure if I should post this. Seems like a small problem. BUT I really, really want to color my hair one last time .....just looks so bad. Did anyone else color their hair durning treatment, as my book says NO SHOULD DO...but my head is cleaerly yelling DO IT before its too late. Let it go out ONE COLOR....any thoughts..shower time around here.....

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I would not do it why do more damage (potental) than you need to? Talk to YOUR Doctor first this can wait one more day before doing this.

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D Lewis
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I was told by a few sources not to do it. Alopecia would be the result.

Consider getting your hair done in a GI Jane buzz cut. That should take it just about down to the monochromatic roots. Then put on big, sparkly earrings.

Best of luck with whatever decision you make.


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I have checked with so many hair stylist's & finally was told by one that volounteer's at our cancer centre that it is important not to put any chemical's near your scalp especially if you are having Chemo. I waited the six month's & walked about with three hair colour's, something I would never have done before. I just kept it trim & conditioned the heck out of it. Plus lost some at the back because of radiation. Yes Alopecia is the main factor. I was embarassed at first then gave myself a kick in the butt & decided to do what I was told. Once I was over my six month mark my hairstylist did a patch test on my arm to see if I had any reaction. Now I am over eight month's post treatment & am slowly introducing colour back. Time has flown by & I understand how difficult the wait can be. If I was smart I should have bought a wig as now I see quite a few out there that are amazing.

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Glenna M
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I can sympathize with what you are feeling right now but please don't take any unneccesary chances. WHO cares what color it is when/if it falls out?? When my med oncologist told me I would lose all of my hair and I told him I didn't care, I felt it was a small price to pay if the drugs worked. I may be the exception in regards to my feelings about losing my hair but I would shave my head everyday and be bald for the rest of my life if it meant I would not get cancer again.

Please reconsider, taking chances now is not a good idea.

Stay well and stay strong,

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I too agree not to color your hair now, the affects of the chemical in the dye could be bad for you right now.

All the best to you

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I know hair is important to you, I recall not wanting to loose my full beard. But i did and still do not have it back and love it and the hair no longer means a much. Started a full beard at 16 and lost at 39 from radiation, now 14 years later no beard.

I know it's important to you, but in my opinion it is not work the risk with the chemicals.

Good luck with you choice.


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Not a good idea - but I do understand where you are coming from. I want to color mine also. Really Really badly.

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I only had radiation, and I had thought about it but didn't. I definitely wouldn't even think about it with chemo.

I can relate, as I have been dying my hair for ten yrs. I started going grey at 16. I looked like the bride of Frankenstein. But when my bald bit grew in and I got it cut and colored after I was done it was all the more of a boost. I would and did wait.

Best wishes


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I read up for a few minutes on dying your hair during/before radiation/chemotherapy.

It seems that all hair colorings, chemical or natural (which is what I was going to suggest but now can't) have a drying effect on human hair, thus making it more brittle and more likely to fall out sooner.

I don't think this is the effect you were going after, Denise.

I vote no, too.

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