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Tomorrow I get a PET scan done

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Joined: Aug 2010

Well tomorrow I am getting a PET scan done after 7 weeks POST treatments but I wont find out anything intill next monday when I meet with the chemo doctor and radiation doctor. I still got to make a apt with ENT to check everything with him.

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The BEST of luck to you, hope all goes well with NED as your result!

Posts: 194
Joined: Aug 2010

may I ask what is NED? because I keep seeing that word on this forum and never knew what it stand for.

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No Evidence of disease

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I hope all is good.


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D Lewis
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Here's hoping for the best possible news! Sending good thoughts your way.


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Hoping for the best of results....

NED is something that you want to get to know very well, and for an extremely long time.


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All the best to you on your PET today, God bless and be with you

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Glenna M
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Hoping your results are fantastic and that you will be on your way to an easy recovery. Will be anxiously waiting for you to post the great results on Monday.

I know it will be hard but try to relax and enjoy your weekend.

My best to you,

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Best of luck! Nothing but the best!!!


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You will be in my prayers. Waiting for the good news on Monday.

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Hoping your PET scan went well today.

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Well the PET scan went very well today but I cant wait intill monday to see the results. I also wanted to say that I applied for disability and SSI/Medicade last month and I got a call from my local social security office today and they told me that I was approved so little bit of stress as been lifted from me and my wife.

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Glad to hear that your PET went well. Also that you got approved for your soc sec. Now I can't wAit to hear your good news Monday. :)

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Best of luck to you. Glad to hear your SS went thru also.

Positive thoughts coming at ya for a clear PET!


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It feels like the longest wait, I remember after my first PET at end of treatment ringing the doctor the next day, a little bit early Mrs Scott, call tomorrow. Came back NED so very happy, you will do the same, treatment is so good these days, we will all live long happy (yet slightly different from before) lives. All the best too you for Monday, we are all waiting in anticipation of your NED comments. xxxxx

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