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Mammo after lumpectomy?

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I had lumpectomy in April 2010. I am scheduled for mammo Fri. How do they perform a diagnostic mammo on the lump. breast?

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I had my lumpectomy in Dec. '09. I have a seroma, pain, swelling still. I'm having a mammo done on the opposite site next week with an ultrasound. I told the surgeon there was no way they could do a mammo on the bad side (too much pain) but it seems like something should be doing something to check out the bad side--US, MRI??? Any advice ladies?

Hugs, Renee

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I had my lumpectomy in June '09 and had my first mammo in May '10 on both sides. I still have my port on the opposite side so that was a bit painful but tolerable on both sides. My surgeon didn't want me to be touched for 4 months after surgery. My breast is still sore but was told it takes 1 year from every treatment before everything goes back to "normal". I finished rads in the middle of Jan. '10 so I'm still healing from that.

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last month, the post-treatment mammo six months after surgery, three months after rads. It was a tad uncomfortable, but not awful.

I hope the same for you. Let us know how it goes.


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I had my lumpectomy in May 2010 and had a mammo in September 2010 before starting radiation. It was uncomfortable but tolerable. Good luck and remember to breath.

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My surgery was in March and I had my Mammo and ultrasound last week. I am still tender in spots and also have lymphedema and seroma after the surgery. Yes, it hurt but it was not unbearable. Can't say I was looking forward to it but I got through it ok and results were good.
Hugs, K

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I had a lumpectomy May of this year and a mammo late August before starting rads. I didn't find it any more uncomfortable than any other mammo. They suck anyways.

Good luck, Cindy

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Just had my first mammo and ultrasound since surgery and treatments. I am sore and was really scared about how it would feel. Once again, I worried for no reason. It was ok.

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Alexis F
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I was scared too, but, the mammo wasn't bad. The tech was super careful and fast. Now, the ultrasound was a bit trying. She really had to hold it hard on my breast and I admit, it did hurt. But, I let her know and she would stop. I understand she has to do her job, but, I wanted her to know that it did hurt. I hope that your mammo and ultra are clean. That is of the most importance.

Hugs, Lex

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My surgery was in July 2009, and in July 2010 I had the first post-surgery mammo. Call me plain dumb, but I didn't even think about that it might be more uncomfortable than usual. The technician asked questions about how long ago, and which breast, and does it ever hurt where the lump was removed etc, but she didn't bring up the possibility of pain during the procedure. We just did it, and I don't recall anything out of the ordinary. But then, I guess I don't fit the standard for a lot of things having to do with this disease, so don't rely on me when I say "it was nothing unusual". Hugs, Gracie

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Had the mammo where they smash your breasts in the machine. Actually it hurt less this time than all the other times, weird huh? Also had a ultra sound, and almost fell asleep. I guess that's a good sign. It seemed like it took a long time. It was later that afternoon, and I hadn't ate anything. I just kept thinking she needs to finish so I can go get one of those $5 subways.

Now waiting for results then wiil see onc. and go from there. Thanks ladies.

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I am with you, I love Subways! LOL Glad you have that behind you now.

Sending prayers for a clean report from the onco.

Hugs, Diane

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