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Low sodium issues

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Has anyone experienced low sodium levels during chemo? My mother has always been a little low on her sodium but prior to surgery she was hospitalized because it was critically low and then after her first chemo tx, it was critically low again.

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I had not noticed during previous chemo treatments but this year while getting Gemzar both sodium and chloride have been chronically low. Gyn-onc just says 'salt your foods!' I never did due to hi BP but even though I do now, though not much, it hasn't really made a difference. I was going to check with my regular PCP when I see him next. Confusion was the main concern gyn-onc had with low sodium levels. --Annie

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The only time I had low Sodium issues was after one round when my Bowel issues reoccured.

My counts in several areas were down and I actually needed some IV Hydration.


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