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how do you know if chemo and radiation is working

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hi i just wondered how you know wheather chemo and radiation is working? my husband is going in next week for his second round of chemo [they tell us he will be having 4 rounds all together] they did tell us that about 6 weeks after his last radiation treatment they would do a cat scan but in the meanwhile is there any way of knowing weather any of this is working? thanx for any help you can give tracy

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The scans will tell you how successful the treatment was. Radiation keeps working after the last treatment; that's why they wait several weeks before the scan. The waiting is tough, that's for sure. Good luck to you and your husband.

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Hello, When my mother was diagnosed back in May 2010 (SCLC Ext), she had pain in her back which at times was intollerable. After her 2nd chemo treatment the pain went away. She didn't need to rely on percoset to get her thru the day, only a pain patch. She's now finished 4 rounds of chemo and had a CT Scan that showed a 50% reduction in her tumors. She's having radiation treatments now and will be re-scanned a few weeks after she's completed them. Deb.

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