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Falling Apart

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I tweaked my back this morning. The pain had me mostly bed ridden all day. The pain is relentless. I got up to use the toilet and smashed my toe into the door because I don't have complete control over my leg. My guts are hurting from cancer, and I would really like to use the toilet. I guess this is one of those days. Hopefully, I'll sleep well and poop in the morning. That would be a grand start to tomorrow.

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Said a little prayer for you...better day tomorrow kid :)

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Sorry you had such a day! It seems to travel faster down hill, hu! You might as well eat chocolate and watch a soap or reality show!! Take it easy, try to relax and you WILL feel better!!~ Jean

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Posts: 602
Joined: Mar 2009

Thanks for the advice and prayers. I'll need them.

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Hoping you get your grand morning tomorrow!!!!
A little prayer for you tonight, in hopes it's better!

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Yup...back trouble....I remember it well....

9 days before we were to leave for The Netherlands...on a 10 hour flight!!! I actually told my beau to call the paramedics, that I could NOT get up off the couch!!! He gave me a Vicodin, I had my normal 'hot flash' reaction, but I could stand and made it to the toilet...getting off the toilet was another challenge...

Sorry you are having such a tough time!!!

BIG hugs, Kathi

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I am really sorry to hear you had such a rough day yesterday. I hope today is better. BTW, you look very handsome in your military uniform.

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So sorry to hear about your back. It seems like when that hurts, everything else in your body hurts. Hope you feel better soon. You look nice in your picture and thank you for serving your country.


Fight for my love
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John,you are in my prayers.Hope the pain will be under control soon and you regain your strength soon too.

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John, I'm so sorry. I hope all of this improves very soon. I'll be praying for you.


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thats a rough start, and boy do I know about back pain, its just the worst...Praying for you buddy!! Hope tomorrow brings a better start to a great day!


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John how are you doing....any better as the week goes on?

you are indeed a handsome sight in your uniform.

Sending best wishes and cheer


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I finally broke down and called the Dr. He gave some muscle relaxers and some pain meds. I was in lala land for a while. Still mostly bed ridden, but I have been able to move around some. I will go for a walk tonight. Then see how I feel tomorrow. I haven't taken a pain pill or muscle relaxer in about 12 hours. The cramps have eased off. Thanks for caring!

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Joined: Apr 2010

Glad you are feeling better!!!

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