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Hello, I had a Wilms Tumor on my left kidney when I was three years old.. I went thru all of the normal chemo & some radiation I beleive. Kidney was removed. I'm 19 now and I was wondering what my chances of having children someday are.. I'm begining to doubt that I can but if there is anyone out there who has went thru the same as me and so happens to have children please get ahold of me!! I need some hope : (

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Hi Dula,
my journey has been with breast cancer. I actually found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after my diagnosis and went through 3 surgeries and 4 rounds of chemo while pregnant. Faith was born healthy and is thriving at 3 1/2 mths old. I was told that chemo wouldn't have any effects on fertility, but the drugs that I'm about to begin will, so my chances of conceiving again are slim. I'd consult with a reproductive specialist. If you had targeted radiation, I don't think that'll effect fertility either. I'm not alot of help, would like to give you a little hope. Have faith...I did. Blessings!

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your picture is absolutely stunning :) I finished chemo in late october and have the same hairstyle ;)I'm mainly on the BC boards - i never even NOTICED there were other boards on CSN past the specific diagnosis ones. Going through BC in itself is hard enough, but I can't imagine going through it while pregnant.I'm glad that both you and Faith are healthy!

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I remember you. :) I am also on the bc forum and just realized they have this one too. I am 33.

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All you need is faith and believe. I think you should consult your doctors for advice, but always have faith and don't be afraid to prove it.

I am undergoing chemo for breast cancer so I can't relate to that level. But I can tell you that if you have faith you can do almost (if not all)anything!

Good Luck!

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