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starting a clinical trial

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My dad is starting a clinical trial today which combines two chemo pills. What if this doesnt work for him will it be the end? These nerves never go away :(

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Unfortunately there aren't any guaranties that any medical proceedures will work including surgery. Try looking up the combination of drugs online you might find a study that has already been done in Europe on that combo. All you can do is research, ask the Doc's questions, pray and then decide to roll the dice or not.

What phase trial is it? What have they seen so far as results or is it blind where they can't analyze data until it's over? What's the purpose of the trial. Phase 1 are the riskiest as that usually the first time something is being used on people. With that said also some phase 1 trials end up turning into a gold standard of treatment.

I doubt it's the end but there are risks, including death, with almost any trial or conventional proceedure for that matter.

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It is a phase 3 trial and its a double blind so no results until it is over. It is studying nexavar and tarceva versus nexevar and placebo. Mike how are things going with you?

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Hi SarahD,

I have been on Sorafenib (Nexavar) since May of this year. I had severe reactions to the drug and the oncologist reduced the dosage to 1 tablet per day instead of 4. It seemed to have slowed down the tumor growth for a while, and recently I was told the cancer is progressing. I wonder if it was because I had radiation performed in addition.

Before taking the drug, I researched it and discovered that the initial trials of Nexavar were so successful that they stopped the trial and put all those who were not on the trial on the drug.

I was surprised to see that the trial has restarted.

Maybe you can ask why, as the FCC has already approved it for use for both Kidney and Liver cancers.

I'd love to hear from others who have had success/not with this med, and especially what other treatment they have used.

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Stage4Liver please see my posting to SarahD regarding Nexavar.

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