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Going camping until Friday evening...........

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I will be out of touch for 3 days and will be back Friday evening...going to go somewhere and get away from it all...If you need me I have pm'd my cell phone number to lisa42 and for any reason feel free to contact me if necessary.....Oh if they come up with a cure while Im out of pocket be sure to let me know...I want in on it too...Love to all, Clift

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You deserve a break; I am glad you are taking it. I hope you have a great time. Stay away from any bears, etc. I will definitely let you know if a cure is developed in the next three days!

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Don't want to get blown away relaxing now do ya ....Enjoy your getaway......steve

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Hey any chance of you making the Palooza this year? KY isnt that far from TX???

Sure would love to see ya...Have a Great time, forget all the BS for a while...


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I sure wish I could go with ya. Have a great time Buzz!!


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Go think, relax, pray, destress, whatever you need to do to get your head clear.
Thinking of you and praying for you & I got the PM-


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more hugs Clift....go enjoy the great outdoors


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Have a great time, and don't worry about us here, if a cure is found I think you will hear all the whooping and hollering all over the world. Try and forget about all this for a few days!


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Have fun, Buzz. Let us know how many you catch!


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And, the vision of gas/campfire has me laughing out loud!!!

Hope you are having a GREAT time, dear soul!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Be one with nature. Enjoy!

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Try not to get eaten by bears. Have fun, relax, recharge.

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Hope you enjoy yourself because you deserve it. Who knows you might just find some wild berries that will be a cure all for everything :) Hey send some smoke signals out for good weather for you. We will be going shortly for a couple days to get some fresh clean air. Hope you enjoy yourself and have a smore for me.


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hope you enjoy whatever you do. October is just beautiful.

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Have a wonderful time, Clift. You deserve a chance to relax.


Fight for my love
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Have a great camping!

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Camping... my second favorite thing to do in nature. Now get your mind outta the gutter... my first favorite thing to do is look at the stars. Third might be to fish. Anyway... you get the picture!

Have a blast... have fun and watch for wild animals. I know wild wolverines are bugger to deal with.

Love and Hugs dear,


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